5 Fun Facts About Judge Jeanine Pirro

Who doesn’t know about Jeanine Pirro? The lady is well known for her versatile career. From being a former judge, prosecutor, and Republican politician to hosting Fox News Channel’s Justice with Judge Jeanine, she has been a marvelous personality that most Americans look upon. Well if you think that you know a lot about Jeanine Pirro, we have brought you 5 fun facts that you may not be aware of.

List of Top 5 Fun Facts About Judge Jeanine Pirro

1.) Love for Pigs

If you thought Judge Jeanine is only a dog lover, you will be surprised to know her affection for pigs. Jeanine had pigs for many years since her children asked her for their very own Wilbur. Jeanine told that her kids’ classes used to come and visit the pigs. She even described them as “extremely clean” and very smart animals.

2.) Her Favorite Show

While one may expect her favorite show to be a courtroom or investigative dramas, however, Jeanine said that she loves to watch House of Cards and Homeland, especially when she’s traveling.

3.) Her Cameo

If you are an NBC’s “Law & Order” fan, you may have noticed Jeanine Pirro in a 2016 episode. If you haven’t, you can check that out below.

4.) From First Female DA to Emmy Winner

Judge Pirro was the first female district attorney of Westchester County, New York, who served for 12 years before moving to the TV. Jeanine featured in a nationally-syndicated reality courtroom show “Judge Jeanine Pirro” for which she won a 2011 Emmy.

5.) Workout Fanatic

Traveling regularly for her shows and speeches don’t stop Jeanine from making time for a workout. Although she loved to run before she started having knee problems, however, she now manages her health by focusing on Soul Cycle and spinning at least three times a week.

Judge Jeanine Pirro Workout

So, these were some of the fun facts that you may not have know about our very own Jeanine Pirro. You can catch her in action on Saturday nights at 9 PM ET on Fox News Channel.

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