5-Year Old Colorado Girl Attacked in Her Backyard by a Bear

A 5-year old girl was attacked by a large black bear in her backyard in Colorado. The girl came out of her house after hearing a noise thinking it coming from the family dog in the backyard of their house. The girl’s mother heard her daughter shouting and then ran outside to see what exactly is happening.

When the child’s mother ran outside, she saw a large black bear dragging her daughter. She told Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials that the animal dropped the girl when the mother started screaming at it.

The girl was injured badly with wounds on her back and close to her head. However, when taken to local hospital, she was confirmed to be in fine condition and is expected to recover completely soon.

The same black bear is also believed to have attacked a chicken coop of the neighbor, eating the birds there. Traps have been set up by the wildlife officials and are tracking it using bloodhounds. When found, the bear will be killed as officials believe that the animal may attack the humans in future as well.

Till the officials don’t find the bear, they have asked the nearby residents to keep trash, pet food, and even bird seed inside. This will prevent the animal from coming near to the residential area.

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