A Sayonara from Yahoo Messenger

Lately, a piece of tech news has hit the surface that Yahoo has decided to put Yahoo messenger to an end. People born in 80s and 90s are well aware of this old-school instant messaging service. People went gaga when it kicked in 1998. First time in the history it was going to happen that people could communicate over the web chat in real time basis. We cannot deny its revolution in the world of technological feats. Yahoo left no stone unturned in earning peoples stable interest by adding new features and making it more user friendly than before.

Yahoo Messenger to Bid Good Bye

But there comes a time when things start withering away and people start looking away and get their attention fixated to the newly introduced things in the market. Change is the law of nature. With the passage of time, new ways of communications in different forms defining a better world of words exchange emerged. We witnessed Whatsapp, iMessage and various other messengers to become an integral part of us human lives. We keep getting plethora of updates with better features of instant messaging on these messengers. Among such a wonderful ways of communications like iMessage and Whatsapp, Yahoo messenger lost it charm for its users and reached on the verge of extinction.

An old school messenger is not so convincing if you are not marking your presence in front row in terms of technological advancements. Yahoo messenger made its last-ditch effort in the year of 2015 by redesigning its app. Well, after a long 20 years journey it has decided not to go any further but in the new incarnated version which they call “Squirrel”. To the dismay of the people who have been regular users of Yahoo messenger are advised to download their chat histories in the time span of 6 months. They can also switch to their newly avatar flagship app “Squirrel”.

Squirrel Messaging Application by Yahoo Soon to be Introduced

Currently, Squirrel is allegedly being tested in beta version but soon will be available to do hands-on. In the coming rival of ways of communication, we will wait and see if this newly launched service does well to its loyal users. Well, we hope it should. The more choices with us, the better and greater chances of top-notch quality we get. Let us see how soon it can land on the surface for public use and revolutionise the medium of global communication just like the way its ancestral Yahoo messenger did. 🙂

With a final goodbye to Yahoo messenger, we would advise Yahoo to get back to us just like a phoenix from ashes. We would love to see its new avatar in the age of tech giants claiming this world their yards.

Thank you Yahoo! for giving us a better way of communication in the form of all-time favorite Yahoo Messenger.


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