A Video of an Oakland Jogger Throwing Belonging of a Homeless Has Gone Viral

On Friday, a shirtless jogger was seen destroying the encampment of a homeless man at a lake in Oakland, California. The jogger was seen throwing belongings of the homeless into the lake.

The video of the jogger demolishing the camp at the lakeside went viral when it was posted on a neighborhood Facebook group. The video outraged residents and even the mayor of Oakland who condemned the action.

The Oakland resident, JJ Harris, who filmed the incident, can be heard saying “He’s taking a homeless man’s stuff and he’s throwing it in the lake.” Also, an onlooker can be heard saying “It’s worse than it was before.”

Even after being pleaded by a bystander, the jogger keeps on dismantling the belonging of the homeless while claiming that he’s “picking up trash” and that the items in the lake fell by “accident”. In the ended of the video, the jogger can be seen walking off in the distance.

Kristin Gallup, a resident who posted the Harris’ video on Facebook said that “He ignored everyone and then put his headphones back on and ran off to the north part of the park.” She further added that the homeless man (identified as Greg Markson bt local stations KPIX 5) always used to keep his camp tidy and out of the way.

Jogger Destroying an Encampment of a Homeless in Oakland

Later on, Markson came back to his encampment and found out that it has been destroyed, according to station report. However, the supporters left some new blankets and clothing for him. In an interview with KPIX 5, Markson responded to the incident saying “I’m still smiling”.

The population of homeless in Oakland’s Alameda County has increased to 39 percent in the last two-three years, as per a survey taken by the East Bay Times.

In an interview with KPIX 5, the Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf said that she can feel “the frustration of both sides” considering the increased visibility of the homeless and condemned the action of the jogger saying “not appropriate”.

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