The Reality Behind Abandoned Cars in Dubai

It won’t be wrong to say that Luxury is “Synonymous” with Dubai, especially when it comes to the cars owned by the Emirati nationals. One can picture the luxuriousness of Dubai by the fact that they are known for having the most expensive Police Cars in all over the world.

While Dubai is well known for boasting tallest building, tallest hotel, man-made islands and more, nowadays, the abode to only 7-Star Hotel in the world is getting worldwide attention for a surplus of abandoned luxury cars in the city.

Abandoned car in dubai

Abandoned Cars in Dubai

According to the Gulf News reports, there are more than two thousands cars that are discarded and left to gather dust by owners each and every year in Dubai. These deserted cars include limited edition Ferrari Enzo, Bentleys, Porsches, Honda NSX, Lamborghinis, and Nissan Skylines. As the images of these super luxurious cars started to surface on the social websites, it made people all over the world assume that the Dubai citizens are so rich and fickle that they just leave their car anywhere when they get bored with them and buy another one.

Well, surely this could be the first thought in most of the people’s mind when they would have heard about the news, however, the actuality of this story that such expensive luxury cars are left by owner is due to the effect of the global financial crisis and falling oil prices.

dubai Abandoned car

Ferrari Enzo, Alleged to be Abandoned by a British Expat in Dubai

Reality Behind Abandoned Cars in Dubai

Most of these abandoned cars belong to foreign expats, who went to cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi with an aim to build a flying career, however, they started to struggle when UAE experienced hard times. One of the Ferrari Enzo which was abandoned is alleged to be owned by a British Expat who left not only his car but also everything else in Dubai when he defaulted the said Supercar’s finance payments and fled the city to avoid imprisonment.

According to Sharia law, which is applicable in the majority of the Middle East, non-payment of debt is considered as a criminal offense.  As there is no bankruptcy law in Dubai, it means that Dubai doesn’t offer any protection law for those who fail to make car repayments, credit card bills, or default on their mortgage, even if it is accidentally.

Fleeing from Dubai to Escape Imprisonment

Fleeing from Dubai to Escape Imprisonment

Breaking these rules result in imprisonment of the defaulters in the notoriously tough prisons of the UAE. Moreover, the Sharia-influenced debt offences have even made Interpol circulate red alerts to catch Indebted Expats trying to run from the UAE. Fearing tough imprisonment in Dubai, Foreign owners found “fleeing” as the best solution to the situation.

The owners of the abandoned luxurious cars are not just confined to foreign expats, there are also many locals failing to make repayment of loans while trying to manage their Joneses. The perilous game of maintaining the lavish lifestyle by both Expats and Emirati nationals has proven to be quite destructive here.

Abandoned Supercars On Sale with Heavy Discounts

Abandoned Supercars On Sale with Heavy Discounts

Well, the only good thing that one can take from this abandoned car epidemic is that car lovers can get these exceptional machines at jaw-dropping discounts. If you always had a dream of owning a supercar, then this is your chance to have one. However, make sure that you can afford to make the repayments “On Time”.

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