All You Need to Know About Baby Shark Song and Dance Challenge

In today’s social media driven world, you never know what could catch the attention of netizens’. We have already witnessed fun tasks such as Ice Bucket Challenge, Harlem Shake Challenge, Mannequin Challenge and also some deadly ones such as Blue Whale Challenge, Fire Challenge, Car Surfing Challenge etc. And, nowadays, there is one cute Social Media challenge doing the rounds and making the world dance to its tune. The challenge has gone viral by the name Baby Shark challenge song.

What started as a simple catchy jingle, the baby Shark song, initially grabbed kids’ attention, but later also become a hit among people of every age and become a social media challenge. The Baby Shark song is basically about the family of a shark created by a YouTube channel called Pinkfong.

Pinkfong is a Korean channel for kids having over 10 million subscribers. This educational channel is known for creating fun-learning videos to help kids gain knowledge through the cartoon Pinkfong, a prince from the Staria planet. Although the song was released back in November 2015, it became viral in Southeast Asia last summer. And this year, the song has gone viral in the US and around the world bagging up more than 1.6 Billion views.

Watch the official video here:

The Baby Shark song is also among the top most-viewed videos ever on the YouTube. Wondering, what exactly the baby shark challenge is?

Well, the Baby Shark challenge started with people recording their video while performing the dance moves in the video. Then, it became a version of “In My Feelings Challenge” aka “Kiki Challenge” with people dancing outside their moving car to Drake’s song. However, in the Baby Shark version, parent dress up like sharks and recreate the dance move by dancing and walking along their moving cars.

While the Baby Shark challenge has gone a lot of following worldwide, it has gained criticism too for being a dangerous activity. Many people have warned it as a life-threatening walk alongside a car as seen in the different Baby Shark Challenge videos, however, still people are posting them under #babysharkchallenge.

If you are also trying to perform the challenge, make sure that you are not risking your life for it. What do you have to say about this social media challenge? Write to us in the comment box provided below.

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