Top 5 Award Winning Children’s Books You Must Read

The stories are perfect dose for your kids to get the best learning for life. The books create a warm emotional connection between adults and kids to bring them closer, especially the strong bond with their grandparents or dad. These top 5 award winning children’s books are perfect for teacher lesson planning or for the parents who want to find the perfect book for their kids.


List of Top 5 Award winning children’s books



By Kelly Barnhill

Award – Newbery Medal Winner

Kelly Barnhill is an American author of children’s literature, fantasy, and science fiction. This is her one of the best work, in this book, there is a story about Luna who has a birthmark shaped like a crescent moon. She was being raised by a witch, must figure out to handle the magical powers she was accidentally awarded.



By Kari-Lynn Winters

Award – Forest of reading nominees 2018

Kari-Lynn Winters

Kari Winters, née Moore is a Canadian author of child’s book and a research scholar. The little Phoebe has been nicknamed as “French Toast” as being the half Jamaican, half French-Canadian. How she interacts with Nan-Ma, a blind fellow is a picturesque ride with this book.



By Nina LaCour

Award – Michael Printz Award

The California based writer Nina LaCour is fame for her co-write-up. This novel talks about grief and the enduring power of friendship in such a poetic and beautiful manner. This is one of promising award-winning children’s books you should get for your kids.


THE WISHING SPELL (The Land of Stories Series #1)

By Chris Colfer

Award – Young Readers Choice Awards

The twin kids Alex and Conner Bailey lost their father, but their Grandma brought happiness in their life. She gifted the fairy tales book named as The Land of Stories. But, what that just a book? This is a perfect masterpiece of children books.



By Lindsay Mattick

Award – Caldecott Medal Winner

Lindsay Mattick based in Canada wrote about the true story of the world’s most famous bear. This is the story of your favorite Winnie-the-Pooh, which became a household name for kids as well adults too. This one of the award-winning children’s books is just a perfect companion for your kids.

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