Bermuda Triangle Mystery is Solved?

If we go by what scientists have to say, the Bermuda Triangle is neither a UFO impact nor a Sea Monster as people claim it to be. Scientists believe that they have solved the Bermuda Triangle mystery.

The Bermuda Triangle, which is also called the Devil’s Triangle, is located in the North Atlantic bounded by Bermuda, Miami, and Puerto Rico. It got infamous over time for sinking a number of ships and pulling a number of aircraft under mysterious circumstances. In last 100 years, the Devil’s Triangle has claimed more than 1000 lives.

Bermuda Triangle location

(Bermuda Triangle is Located in the North Atlantic bounded by Bermuda, Miami, and Puerto Rico)

As per the documentary series “The Bermuda Triangle Enigma” of Britain’s Channel 5, scientists have come to a conclusion that the 100ft “rogue” waves might be the reason for the mysterious vanishing of ships in the Bermuda Triangle.

The Oceanographer of Southampton University, Simon Boxall said that “There are storms to the south and north, which come together. And if there are additional ones from Florida, it can be a potentially deadly formation of rogue waves.”

Boxall also said that these rogue waves are capable of reaching 100 feet high which is equal to the largest wave ever recorded in the history – A 100-feel Tsunami set off by an earthquake and landslide in Lituya Bay of Alaska in 1958.

The scientists drew out this theory by conducting an experiment in which they used an indoor simulator. In this experiment, scientists used a model of the USS Cyclops – a ship which disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle with 306 people aboard in 1918 – was flooded by a strong wave and sank.

USS Cyclops Which Sank in the Bermuda Triangle

(USS Cyclops Which Sank in the Bermuda Triangle With 306 Passengers On Board)

Moreover, in the last year’s report, it has been stated that the design flaw of Cyclops was susceptible to rogue waves. The same design flaw later caused same fate to two Cyclops’ sister ships – Proteus and Nereus.

Well, scientists may seem convincing in their approach of solving Bermuda Triangle mystery, however, their reasoning can’t be considered fully. What you have to say about these new findings? Let us know your views in the comment box below.

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