Know How Your Favorite Celebrities Look Without Eyebrows?

One may not imagine the aesthetic importance of eyebrows until he/she seen themselves without it. Well, if you wish to know how you will look without your eyebrows, there are numerous editing software such as Photoshop, Picassa, Lightroom, Skylum Luminar, Gimp, etc. available that can help you easily help you remove your eyebrows.

Of course, you must have sufficient skill to use a program for making the desired changes. Well, if editing and learning software isn’t your cup of tea but you still want to see how a person would like without their brows, below we have provided a list of some of the top celebrities whom you can see with and without their eyebrows.

List of Celebrities Without Eyebrows

  1. Robert Downey Jr.

Apologies in advance to the die-hard fan of our very own Iron Man – Robert Downy Junior as some of the possessive fans of Robert Downey Jr. may not appreciate us showing the amazing actor without eyebrows. Well, it is purely for entertainment purpose and not to disrespect the actor or his lovely fans. So, here is how our Sherlock Holmes would have looked if he would have been without eyebrows.

  1. Benedict Cumberbatch

As Benedict Cumberbatch has light color brows, you may not find much different when you see him on the right-hand side image without eyebrows. Well, it won’t be wrong to say that Dr. Strange doesn’t look as strange as others in this list without eyebrows.

(Benedict Cumberbatch With and Without Eyebrows)

  1. Gigi Hadid

Without a doubt, Gigi Hadid is one of the most gorgeous models in the industry, credit to her flawless figure. However, if you just remove eyebrows from her body, her appeal may lose it’s a luster significantly. Just check the image of Gigi Hadid below and you will know how much importance eyebrows hold in one’s appearance.

(Gigi Hadid With and Without Eyebrows)

  1. Adriana Grande

The singer, writer, and actress, Adriana Grande surely needs her eyebrows to make her gorgeous face for charming. If you see her on the right-hand side image where she can be seen without eyebrow, you will notice how broad her forehead is appearing without eyebrows. She surely needs her brows to keep that innocence on her face.

(Adriana Grande With and Without Eyebrows)

  1. Drake

If you see the “Kiki Do You Love Me” singer, Drake, without eyebrows in the image below, you will find how sleepy his face is looking with those tiny eyes.  Drake, you do look amazing with and without a beard, but never consider experimenting with your brows, especially if you are thinking of removing them.

(Drake With and Without Eyebrows)

  1. Rihanna

The Barbadian singer was in the news for the September 2018 cover of Vogue where she was seen having very thin eyebrows. That cover might have attracted a lot of people worldwide, however, her thin brow failed to bring back the pencil eyebrow fashion of the 90s. Well, if you didn’t see Rihanna’s almost no-eyebrow look of the Vogue cover, you can check the image below to know how our favorite singer looks without eyebrows.

(Rihanna With and Without Eyebrows)

  1. Kylie Jenner

The experiment of Kylie Jenner with lips borne her amazing result, adding more charm to her gorgeous looking face. However, it is a straight no-no request from us to not to do anything with her already-perfect eyebrows. Why do we say so? Well, just watch her appearance on the right-hand side of the image where she can be seen without eyebrows.

(Kylie Jenner With and Without Eyebrows)

  1. Emma Watson

If you are thinking that Emma Watson can have the same cuteness on her face without her eyebrows, you can see the image below. Her off-eyebrows look below is not only killing innocence of her face but also making her look older.

(Emma Watson With and Without Eyebrows)

  1. Selena Gomez

If Selena Gomez would have considered removing her eyebrows, she might have not been able to become the most followed individual on Instagram. No doubt about her skills as a singer, songwriter, and actress, but her enchanting appearance is also one of the reasons for her tremendous fan following. So, Selena, we request you on your fan’s behalf not to experiment with your brows.

(Selena Gomez With and Without Eyebrows)

  1. Justin Bieber

The image below (right-hand side) of Justin Bieber without eyebrows is making him look like 20-30 years old. And, it’s the simple reason we would not like to suggest him to do away with his eyebrows.

(Justin Bieber With and Without Eyebrows)

What do you have to say about this list of Celebrities without eyebrows? Well, we love all these celebrities as much as your guys do, this post was for just entertainment purposes. If you wish to see any of your favorite celebrities without eyebrows on this list, please let us know in the comment box

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