Are You Dating A Sociopath? 5 Signs To Identify

You were on the dance floor with this sexy lady and hitting it hard; you found her best for you. The most social lady in the house, as everyone wants to be with her. You fall for her and start dating. It could be the biggest mistake ever of your life as your date could be a sociopath.

Are you dating a Sociopath?

When you think of a sociopath; the only image that comes to you is of a serial killer or a con man of a movie, but chances are you might be dating a sociopath and unable to recognize his/her true personality. We have these 5 tell-tale signs that the one you love may actually be a sociopath.

Two different personalities

This is one of the first signs of being a sociopath as they seem like two completely different people in the same person. They can easily get the change in a split second for no reason and this you can’t identify. Acting one way with you and a completely different person with your family and friends. Initially, when you start dating, you will find them sincere, charming, romantic, everything seems perfect. And, they would say everything you would want to hear from your love; but things will take a sudden U-Turn. They want you to believe in the personality they are showing to you.

Feels superior & disregard your feelings

Sociopath has this understanding that they are superior to their partners. They will always make you realize that they are more than good for you and you are nothing. Sociopaths lack empathy and this makes them disregard your feelings. Let’s say when they do something wrong and if you make them realize; they won’t act sorry. If you ever get upset with them, they couldn’t understand why you are annoyed.

They lie so much

Sociopaths are compulsive liars and they just won’t accept it. It’s in their nature; they are not in a good state to understand that they just lie constantly. They are good at lying; in fact, they do it so brilliantly. Their lies are self-serving, which makes them out to sound really impressive and real. The emotional and heart-touching lies are difficult to caught and if you ever catch them; they will frame a new one. You can’t find the truth from their lives and this would be really difficult for you to identify.

No close relationships

Sociopaths are full of life. They are the most adorable in a group of people that everyone wants to be around them, but they have some other plans too. They won’t have true friends or many friends as they are much self-obsessed. They don’t let people get into their life whom they don’t want. If you are dating a person who has burnt bridges and no real and close friends; then you are with a sociopath.

They have a huge ego

Being highly egoistic is the key personality trait of sociopaths. Sociopaths are narcissists, in fact, they all are narcissists. And this makes them more egoistic. In your first dates or meetings, they will make you feel that they are absolutely remarkable with their past achievements. They brag about how much in demand they are with the opposite gender. They will talk about their tremendous success in their career and how good they are in bed; this is one of their traps.

A Sociopath will never change and they are so deceptive in nature that you can’t catch them. These are the warning signs, if you are dating a sociopath, then this is the time to move on!

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