Are you a victim of the infamous Facebook data breach

Facebook data breach

Facebook has recently revealed that the data of nearly 87 million people may have been shared with political firm Cambridge Analytica because of its recent data security breach. Internet users just recovered from the infamous data security breach of Yahoo, and now this Facebook user data security came as a shocking truth to users.

Facebook users were taken aback when they got Got notices from Zuckerberg on their Facebook account. There was a loophole detected in the Facebook API and app. It granted access to the third-party developers of such apps. So, Facebook users’ data has been compromised with these developers who were using their apps, as well friends of such users.

How can I tell if my personal information has been compromised with Cambridge Analytica?

Facebook agreed over the data breach scandal with Cambridge Analytica. There are approximately 87 million users’ data has been leaked, which is a huge number. Facebook users can check their account now by visiting this tool if this has been compromised or not.

What should I do if my data were leaked?

As, the Facebook user doesn’t have much to control it, except increase the security of their account. There is a little you can do; you should first check with this tool, released by Facebook if the data has been leaked or not. And, you should also check your Privacy Settings; make sure there is nothing more information than is comfortable.

What Mark Zuckerberg’ stands for the Facebook data breach?

The Facebook data breach has shaken the social networking world. Mr. Zuckerberg, the founder, and CEO of Facebook accepted the misuse of users’ data. He testifies before US Congress about the Cambridge Analytica data breach. “I started Facebook, I run it, and I’m responsible for what happens here,” stated Mark Zuckerberg before Senate.

He assured audit companies to find the improper use of users’ data and will take necessary action. He also gave clue that they might change the current business model and will offer paid accounts for ad-free services. This will help them to keep the data secure.

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