How To Fake GPS Location on Android Device? Here’s The Secrat

Fake it, till you make it!

Fake GPS Location for Android users!

Fake GPS location

The smartphone in your pocket is a wonderful device of this era. It connects you will the rest of the world with a small window. The smartphone based on the Android operating system comes with GPS enabled services. The GPS connectivity is for your geographical location-based services.


The GPS location has multiple services based on it, for example, your Google, Facebook, Tinder, Uber and Mc Donalds works based on your GPS location to offer you better services. It helps you to grab the best at your location.


Though, there are situations when you don’t want to disclose your location; you can’t avoid it. However, you can fake GPS location from your Android device easily. Sometimes, users want to keep their privacy and then faking GPS location is helpful. There is one more example of fake GPS location is some Pokemon users want to hide the location and earn more points with it.

Android Apps For Fake GPS Location

We are listing the 3 best ever apps to fake GPS location of your Android device. These apps will give you an option to choose any random location for your device and it will display that location for tracking.


Fake GPS App

This is really a wonderful Android app for faking your GPS location. The user needs to install this app on the device and see the magic. It will bring various maps for users to choose one for disguise location. Users have the freedom to change the location anytime with a new one. It also has features of history and favorite location, so users can quickly enable the fake GPS location.

Download the app (discontinued)

Fake GPS Location Spoofer App

Android users, who want to Fake GPS location can get one of the best experience with Fake GPS Location Spoofer. The users’ favorite app to fake own location is easy with this app. It has the standard GPS spoofing for all Android versions and easy to use. Users just need to choose the location and hit the play button, that’s all.

Download the app


Fake GPS Location App

There are many reasons that you want to fake your GPS location, and interestingly this Fake GPS Location App suits your needs. Regardless of the manufacturer, this app works on all modern Android devices. This app is similar to the other GPS location faking apps, but the ease of use makes it one of the preferable app.

Download the app


These apps are good to try with your Android device, the most important things we shouldn’t avoid is the use of these apps. One should make sure not to use these apps for any illegal purpose or harming anyone. The Fake GPS Location is fun to disguise your location from your friends and make them wondering where you are.

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