First Date Ideas: The Best Tips For First Date Success

First date ideas
First date

Your first date could decide the 2nd, 3rd, and more dates in the future or this could be the last. What makes your first date to be impressive, romantic, and long-lasting rather a  nerve-wracking, boring, awkward, and unexpected are some secrets of dating.

What, exactly is it that makes a date ‘go well? Here we have the top 10 first date ideas for you.

List of Top 10 First Date Ideas

Ask someone out for the first date

This is to give it a kick start with finding the right time when you can ask someone out. When you meet someone at the workplace, college, or online. It is easy to get caught up in a flurry of messages and a romantic inclination. A study at the University of Florida says that one shouldn’t wait longer than 23 days to ask someone out.

Avoid getting nervous before the first date

Dealing with stomach butterflies is not easy, especially with your first date. But, you shouldn’t be nervous, being confident is the key. Your date could be nervous too, stay calm and live in the moments.

Dress up for the first date

Overdressing and over make-up is the big No for your first date. Stunning, gorgeous, or fabulous could be a compliment to you, only if you dress up nicely. Just think about classy outfits for a relaxed and confident appearance for your date. This shouldn’t be too formal and avoid being too casual. You can’t wear your nightsuit on a date.

Leave the phone aside on the first date

Are you on a date with your phone?

This is one of the most annoying habits of individuals, they used to glue with their mobile phone on a date. It seems like you are not interested in your date rather your Facebook updates or WhatsApp messages. Just keep your phone aside on your first date and show some interest in your date.

A restaurant or a concert or what for a first date

The is a big issue to choose the place for your first date. You being a rock music lover would love to go to a concert, but is that the same for your date too? You should prefer a place where you can sit peacefully, talk and spend some quality time. This should be the ice-breaker for both.

Who should pay on a first date

It’s your first date, so here men should take the initiative and pay. However, this is a tricky question; but, women prefer their partners to pay on dates. A study from Chapman University says that 76% of men feel guilty accepting women’s money, so preferably men should pay. Though there is no defined rule, you should avoid splitting the bill, rather pay the whole.

Be prepared for unexpected on a first date

Do you love surprises; of course, who doesn’t!

Just be ready for the unexpected on your first date, don’t go with much hope, speculations, and pre-occupied thoughts. Whatever will come, just accept it and enjoy; unexpected will definitely strengthen the relationship.

Talk on a first date

The idea of the first date is based on knowing each other and talking is the best way. Simply, make sure to keep a balance between getting to know someone and avoiding over-familiarity. You should know where to draw the line and make your date comfortable. Talk about the hobbies, interests, mutual passions, and a brief of personal information (avoid getting too personal). Avoid talking about sex, religion, and politics on your first date.

The most important part of a first date

HAVE FUN – the most important part of your first date, don’t miss the fun. This could be hopefully romantic if both of you get clicked. Knowing each other could be really fun, and if something is common, then you might think of some more dates.

How to ask for the 2nd date

Again, this is male territory for asking for another date. If things are fine on your first date and you feel warmness between you and your date, then ask for 2nd one. And, you can initiate it with the thanks and feedback message after 1st date. It will be a long-lasting impression ever.

If you have any questions, comments, or ideas relating to the first dates then let us know in the below comment section.

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