For 28 years, This Woman Had Contact Lens Stuck in Her Eyes

The combination of science and technology has proven to be a boon more than numerous times. And Contact lens is one such example. Contact Lenses were introduced in order to help people substitute their regular eyeglasses and still be able to have a clear vision. However, this boon turned out to be a bane for this United Kingdom woman who got a cyst in her left eye because of the contact lens was stuck in it for 28 years.

Contact Lens Stuck in the Eye

(Contact Lens Stuck in the Eye of a Woman Made Her Eyelid to Droop)


This 42-year old woman was living a normal life until she discovered a pea-sized lump just below her left eyebrow. After going through an MRI scan that the lady gets to know the reason for the drooping of her eyelid. She was then advised by the doctor to get the cyst removed by a minor surgery.

When the doctor performed the surgical removal process to remove the cyst, it was found out that there was a rigid plastic lens wrapped completely in the cyst. The woman when asked as for how the contact lens got stuck in her eye, she was unable to recall it but her mother revealed that a mishap during a badminton game when the woman was 14 made her lose the contact lens. And as there were no signs or symptoms earlier, she presumed that the lens had simply fallen off.

Contact Lens Wrapped

(Contact Lens Wrapped in the Cyst of a British Woman’s Eye for 28 Years)

The patient never wore [rigid gas-permeable] lenses following this incident. We can infer that the RGP lens migrated into the patient’s left upper eyelid at the time of trauma and had been in situ for the last 28 years” The author mentioned in the BMJ Case Report.

A similar case was reported in late 2016 where a 67-year-old British woman when went for a cataract surgery and shockingly came to know that the “blueish mass” in her eye was actually 27 contact lenses.

Considering such a bizarre incident and significance of eye, it is strongly recommended to always consult your doctor if you have also gone through a similar incident.

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