It Took 6 years and 720,000 Clicks To Capture This Award Winning Photo

Alan McFayden is undoubtedly a sheer testimony of Perfection, Patience, and Perseverance. This wildlife photographer took more than 7 million photographs to ensure that he gets that perfect shot he was eyeing for.

Kingfisher birds pictures

(One of the Attempts by Alan McFayden to Get That Perfect Shot)

In order to ensure that he accomplished his mission with success, he decided to stay in the same place for six years.

Alan McFayden, Wildlife Photographer

(Alan McFayden, Wildlife Photographer Who Stayed in the Same Place for 6 years and Took 720,000 Photographs to Get his Dream Photo)

It is quite tough to take the pictures of the Kingfisher bird, especially when you have thought of a certain pose, however, this world-renowned photographer, Alan McFayden, made it possible by capturing yet another unimaginable wildlife moment and show it others who can’t be there to see it in actual.

Well, this award wining photo shot for Which Alan McFayden Waited for 6 Years and took 720,000 photos.

award winning Kingfisher bird photos

(This is the Shot for Which Alan McFayden Waited for 6 Years)

This perfect dive shot that McFayden took of a kingfisher is surely worth all words of praising. Eventually, his thousands of hours of hiding, and in fact living there, paid him with this stunning shot which one would never forget.

Alan McFayden With award winning Kingfisher photo

(Alan McFayden With The Photograph He Clicked)

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