Just Few More Days Left With This Big Dicks To Be Displayed Publically, Complaint Made To Over Paint[NSFW]

I usually paint giant vaginas, pussies and cunts,  and since I had just finished one on the side of a five-story building, I felt like a dick was needed. The wall space on Broome was a perfect fit for it. To paraphrase Judith Bernstein, if a dick can go into a woman, it can go up on a wall.”


The artist Carolina Falkholt, is a Swedish artist known for her characteristic wall paintings. She has developed her art form of graffiti by combining painting, drawing, sculpture, performance, text, music and video, as her microblogging bio says.


Recently, she is in the news for her latest artwork; she painted a five-story mural of a blue penis on a Stockholm apartment building. This artwork lasted for only a week before locals made the complaint against it.


Atrium Ljungberg is the company who owns the building have to intervene into the matter after receiving oppose from the neighbors after they started taking some action to get it removed.


In a conversation with the local publication Aftonbladet, the official from Ljungberg shared the news as they are getting several complaints against the “blue penis painted” on their building.

The marketing manager of Atrium Ljungberg named Camilla Klimt told Aftonbladet, “Culture and art are important in developing interesting urban environments. Of course, we care about artistic freedom. But at the same time, we must respect neighbors’ opinions.


So, they acknowledged the complaint and taking steps to get it over paint as earliest. The graffiti titled “Fuck the World” will be there for few more days so others can enjoy who feel like to and then the art will get painted over. This wall was meant for graffiti or painting and it was artist’s freedom to get it paint.


Fuck the World

This was not the first time that Falkholt’s phallic work got much attention. Last year, in December, her illustration of a Big red penis painted on the wall of an apartment building on Broome Street in New York. It was lasted for three days before it got the complaint to get it over painted.

penis painting


Carolina Falkholt feels that her work is meant to signify not feeling ashamed of our bodies or of sexuality. She wanted to promote body positivity, as she says “talking about these subjects in public space is a must for a healthy, nonviolent community/world.”

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