10 Shocking Facts About Kim Jong-un? Here’s Fact-Sheet

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The supreme leader of North Korea and the 2nd child of Kim Jong-II is the brutal leader for the region is Kim Jong-un. He is always in the news for his unique hairstyle, weird tactics and frequent tuff with US president Donald Trump. Whatever the reasons, he is always there for the world, but there are few hidden facts of Kim Jong-un. We have these 10 shocking facts about Kim Jong-un which you haven’t ever thought. His life is full of mysteries, check out these 10 facts.

List of 10 Facts About Kim Jong Un

  1. His date of birth is unknown

When Kim Jong Un was born is unknown to everyone, no one is sure about his date of birth. His real age is a mystery to others, it is believed that he was either born in 1983 or 1984. Former basketball star Dennis Rodman is a buddy who once claimed that Kim’s birthdate is 8th, January’ 1983. However, North Korean authorities have stated it is exactly one year earlier what he mentioned. No one knows his real age and date of birth.


  1. He attended school in Switzerland secretly as “Pak Un”

He got enrolled in a top private school in Switzerland’s capital city of Berne as a fake name of “Pak Un”. Though, he has been proved to be poor in academics and that’s why his father moved him to back to North Korea. Here, he studied in a local school for further education.


  1. His childhood is a mystery

He tried to keep his childhood as always a mystery. None of his childhood photographs published ever, in fact, he got admission with a fake name. Though, on a big military holiday in North Korea, eventually, few of his childhood pics has been disclosed publicly.


  1. He underwent plastic surgery to allegedly resemble his grandfather Kim II Sung

The founder of North Korea Kim II Sung is the grandfather of Kim Jong-un, whom he idolized a lot. He always wants to be the next dictatorship after his father, but to look like his grandfather. In order to get the resemblance with his grandfather, he underwent for many surgeries.


  1. Announced as “Sexiest Man Alive” for the year 2012

The Onion newspaper announced him as the Sexiest Man Alive for the year 2012, in one of their polls. Interestingly, this newspaper is popular for its News satires.


  1. He has a hipster-like haircut and has a name- “Ambitious”

Kim Jong-un’s haircut is as popular as his own personality. There is a name for his hipster-like haircut as Ambitious. In fact, once male university students have been asked to follow his hairstyle.


  1. He had his uncle executed, and then his grieving aunt

He is as brutal and ambitious as his grandfather. His uncle Jang Song Thaek, who was second-in-command, has been slapped with a charge of “attempting to overthrow the state.” According to some reports Kim Jong-un had him executed, and it was inhuman. First stripped naked and then thrown into a cage of ravenous dogs that finished the human off. His aunt’s death is also a mystery.


  1. His severe addiction to Swiss cheese makes him chubby

During his schooling in Switzerland, he developed a strong liking for the Swiss cheese. North Korea government spends huge to get his favorite Swiss cheese import in the country.


  1. He Abuses Village Girls

He used to choose young and beautiful girls from the countryside and sent them to work in Pyongyang. The young girls usually get selected at very young age, around 14 years and after he finds them attractive then, they will be move to Pyongyang. Here they work in special hospitals or guest houses for the entertainment of the Kim family only.


  1. He is a military commander with no training

He is an official military commander with no training and a rank of four-star

General without much of knowledge. In fact, he has some more titles in his kitty.

  • The New Start
  • The Brilliant Comrade
  • The Genius Among Others
  • The Marshall of North Korea (since 2012)

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