List of 20 Things To Get Over A Breakup

Breakups are always hard to handle.

How To Get Over A Breakup

A break up is always a hard choice. Many people feel negative about their decision, even when they don’t feel well in the relationship. However, in some relationships, breakups are indeed, the solution. When you are not able to control your feelings of heartbreak and sadness, there is something you can do to help yourself to move on. In this article, we are going to explain how to get over a breakup and the things you should avoid when breaking up with your partner.

20 Things on How To Get Over a Breakup

1. Recover your Practical stuff:

You are going through some complicated emotions at this time but you need to be serious and practical. Does your ex-have your passwords?  Does he/she have your home keys? If yes, then you have to recover those things. Relationship expert, Toni Coleman says, “If your ex-have your passwords, home keys, or any other things, make a plan to recover those things and go through with it”


2. Avoid Calling or Texting:

This time you have to be strong enough. You need some time and space. You have to get over all this as quickly as possible. So, avoid making a call or sending a text to your ex.


3. Don’t think of punishing your ex:

It is suggested that you don’t try to punish your ex as it won’t take away your hurt and make you feel better. Instead it can make you feel even worst. And, in case, you get thoughts of punishing yourself, try to divert your mind  by thinking about your good memories with your closed ones like your friends and family.


4. Don’t think about your mutual friends:

According to experts, friends should not be involved in breakups. And if they are taking side of your ex, well, they aren’t the friends to be with.


5. Do not justify your emotions:

You don’t need to justify and give explanation for what you feel or what you think.  Remember, only you can think what’s best for you and what isn’t.


6. Don’t think about getting back together with your EX:

When you start feeling lonely, at that time you may want to get back together with your ex. Relationship advisor Coleman says, “When folks bounce back and forth, in and out of relationships, it is usually a sign that they don’t want to be in the relationship but have wrong reasons for remaining, for instance, they might have a fear of being alone or a fear of loneliness”.


7. Avoid lead them on:

Never loose your strength, you are strong, so avoid phrases like, “I need some time”, “I need some space”, etc.   You can straight away say that you are breaking up with him/her.


8. Do not follow your ex on social media:

If you stalk your ex on social media, you are not getting out with your relationship. According to Lisa Steadman, “you should completely purge them from your social media circle”.


9. Don’t start a new relationship:

“The time after a breakup is a magical one,” says relationship expert Tanisha Ranger. You have time to figure it out where you were wrong and how to do things differently to have a different result in future. This is your own time after break-up so enjoy it with yourself, don’t do the same mistake again which you did before.


10. Do not compare yourself to their new partner:

You have your own quality; you have a unique identity in yourself. So don’t compare yourself to whosoever your ex-chooses after you. It will make you feel worse or make it harder for you to move on.


11. Take care of yourself:

After a break-up, you may face depression, anxiety, sadness, etc. You have to get rid of this phase as soon as you can, Try spending time in your hobbies like cook a healthy meal, read books, play games, go shopping, etc. Do those things which make you feel better about yourself.


12. Don’t let your break-up get in the way of work:

it will definitely affect you; you need to talk to a trusted person about it at your workplace and regain focus to your professional life as soon as you can.


13. Don’t ask your mutual friend about them:

Don’t be obsessed with what your ex could be doing after breakup. You should have your complete focus on yourself. Neither ask anyone nor listen anyone telling you anything about your ex.


14. Don’t go back to that place:

Visiting the same places where you used to hang out with your ex will keep reminding you of the past. So, it is best to avoid such places as much as you can and try visiting new places for uplifting your mood.


15. Don’t hold on to their things:

if you have your ex’s old things, it will just remind you of him/her whenever you see these stuffs.  Therefore, it is best to get rid of such things as soon as you can.


16. Don’t spoil your social life:

After the breakup, you may make a distance from your social life, which is not suggested, Try to live your life the way you used to. Spend time with your friends, go on vacation, go for shopping, watch movies, go to restaurants with them.  When you will be involved in your social life, you will be easily to get over your ex and his/her memories.


17. Avoid get a permanent tattoo:

When you are in a relationship, you may want to express your love in different ways such as getting a permanent tattoo of your partner’s name. While it may be the wildest way to show your love, however, it is strongly recommended to avoid doing such crazy stuff that may haunt you for rest of your life if you ever get separated.


18. Don’t try to be friendlier:

Avoid being friendlier with anyone, Newman says you both need to “fully separate and move past the pain of the split.”


19. Consider your mistakes:

Possibly you made mistakes in your relationship, and maybe you need to learn from them. Once you’ve found your mistakes after that going over them again and again, will only make you feel worse and delay your emotional healing.


20. Don’t keep painful reminders around you:

It’s painful to keep reminders of that person or relationship around you. Photographs, social-media messages, gifts etc. are items that can serve as a constant reminder of the relationship. While it might not be possible to wipe out every reminder of that person but such types of item prevents you from moving on. The better you get rid of these reminders, the sooner you will be able to overcome this phase.

Hopefully, these powerful tips help you to get over a breakup, best of luck.

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