What To Say When Someone Loses A Pet

Losing a pet can be quite upsetting for people who consider their pet as a family member. If you have ever lost a pet, you must be aware that how much devastating it can be. For some owners, the loss can be as disturbing as losing a family member.

If you haven’t been in such a situation but your friend or relative has recently lost a pet, you would definitely want to console him/her. Though you want to share your sympathy with the person, you may find yourself out of words. In such a situation, it is very important to make sure that you use the right words in comforting your friend and do not say something that may make the situation worse. To help you face this situation, below you can find certain tips that can let you have an idea as for what to say when someone loses a pet.

Comforting Words to a Friend Who Lost His Pet

Comforting Words to a Friend Who Lost His Pet

What to Say to a Grieving Friend Who Lost a Pet?

Send a Condolence Card When a Pet has Died

One of the best ways to console a person who lost his pet is by sending a card. Through a condolence card, you can express your sympathy in a better way as you will be able to choose your words carefully and convey your feelings the way would want to. Receiving the card will let your friend or family admire that you care about them and that you understand the pain they must be going through.  When writing a Condolence card, you don’t have to write a long letter, just a few words or sentences are enough. Some of the messages that you can use for offering your condolences are:

None of us can keep them forever! “Pet’s Name” will always be in our thoughts and prayers.


I am so sorry for your loss. [Pet’s Name] was more than a family. He will be greatly missed.


[Pet’s Name] was such a great [Cat/Dog etc.]. He/She was very lucky to be a part of your family.


Deeply regret your loss. Thinking about you and [Pet’s Name]. Please let me know If there is anything I may help you with.


I pray to God to bless you comfort and peace during such a difficult time.


I know (Pet’s Name) was an important part of your family. I’m thinking about you. If you would like to talk, don’t hesitate to call me.


We all miss [Pet’s Name] terribly. I’m thinking about you and sending my condolences and prayers.


My prayers are always with (Pet’s Name). You have been with me when I lost (Pet’s Name). I am always there for you dear friend.

Sympathy Messages for the Loss of Pet

Sympathy Messages for the Loss of Pet

Other Ways to Show Support

If you think that sending  a condolence card would not be enough, other things that you can do to make your friend feel comfortable are as follows:

  • You can send a memorial gift to your friend. For example, a personalized wind chime, garden stone, or jewelry.
  • You can send flowers or a plant.
  • One of the best ideas is to make a donation in the name of the pet to a pet assistance organization or shelter
  • A photo frame representing you, your friend, and pet in a picture. Only a picture of the pet would also do.

No matter the way you chose to offer your condolences, you should stay alert to ensure that the person you are sharing your sympathy to is not in any type of danger. If you think they should seek professional help to overcome their grief, you should try offering the contact information on the support groups in your area. There are many groups and organizations which provide consultation through calls.

So, these are the suggestions that you can try to show your sympathy to your friends on their loss. Have some other suggestions in your mind? Let us know about them in the comment section.

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