List of Low Energy Dog Breeds You Can Be Lazy With

If you are looking to get a dog for yourself, it is always suggested to adopt a pet that matches your energy level. When you have a pet with a matching level of energy, not only it will make life easier for you but also for your pet. Being a low-level energy person and having a super active is surely going to irritate you one or the other time.

As there is a variety of dog breeds that you can choose from, however, if you are looking for a low energy dog breed, the list below can be a great help for you. Below you will find the list of 20 low energy level dog breeds that you can choose from.

List of 20 Low Energy Dog Breeds

1.) Bullmastiff


Bullmastiffs are giant dogs that have a reputation of being very quiet, loving, and easygoing, however, that is only till their family is not threatened. Bullmastiffs are a terrific family dog, one that doesn’t require much exercise or playtime to be happy. Just make sure they have enough room for resting as they can weigh about 130 pounds and stand more than 2 ft tall at the shoulders.

2.) Basset Hound

Basset Hound

Basset Hounds are sweet and short pups that are popular for being sedentary and easy to train. Basset Hounds are low-energy dogs that are quite patient with kids and anyone else who tries to irritate them. Though they are low energy pets, however, if you wish to have a quiet house, you may want to consider some other breed as bassets have a reputation for being talkative.

3.) Bolognese


Bolognese is an ideal pet if you work at home or if you don’t spend much time outside, this Italian breed is described as “serene and inactive” by the American Kennel Club. While Bolognese dogs are friendly and playful, however, they suffer severe separation anxiety, which means they are unable to stay alone for long periods of time. Though “Bolos” don’t shed much, however, they do need brushing a couple of times per week in order to keep their fluffy fur appearance good. As they are a very rare breed in the US, finding one can be a bit of a task.

4.) Maltese

Maltese can be a great choice for not only being a low energy pet but also as a long term friend as a small pup can live around 20 years. They are known for being very smart and perfect for apartment dwellers. Also known as “a super therapy dog”, Maltese is an easy-going dog to adopt for your home. However, Maltese has a reputation of having loud barks and requires a lot of grooming at times, thanks to his voluminous fur.

5.) Saint Bernard

If you have watched the1992 classic “Beethoven”, you may consider Saint Bernards as a breed that is difficult to handle or control. However, in reality, they are known for being extremely patient and intelligent. While the Newfies calls Saint Bernard a great “nanny dog”, the American Kennel Club considers them “gentle giants”. Well, they are a great low-energy pet to have, however, you should keep in mind that they can grow to be around 200 pounds and they are known to have drooly mouths and loud bars.


6.) Great Dane

Just like Saint Bernard, Great Danes are another big pup that is totally adorable and laid-back. Generally referred to as the “Apollo of Dogs” because of their enormous size, Great Dane appears to be intimidating, however, are an “easygoing” and “a total joy to live with” breed. Great Danes are ranked as one of the most popular breeds widely. Moreover, if you see an adult Great Dane standing on his back legs, they are taller than most of the people. So, if you want a dog that is capable of frightening potential intruders while not losing his calm, this can be a perfect choice.


7.) Greyhound

Greyhound dogs are well known for their speed. Though capable of running from 0-45 miles an hour in just 30 feet, they are also popular for being couch potatoes. Greyhounds are described as “lovable, sweet and charming lapdogs by Animal Plant. While they literally don’t fit in the lap, they are perfect low energy pets to have around. Otherwise, a busy author like J.K. Rowling wouldn’t have chosen a greyhound as a pet if they were too much of a handful at home.


8.) Neapolitan Mastiff

If you are looking for a big size dog that loves being cuddly and not super active, you may want to consider having a Neapolitan mastiff. These watchful pups grow can go up to 150 pounds and have low energy and low exercise requirements. As per Animal Planet, “the favorite thing in the world for Neapolitan Mastiff is to be with the people they love”. Like other big size dogs, Neapolitan mastiffs are known for drooling.


9.) Great Pyrenees

If you are looking for a giant, fluffy pup that doesn’t have a high level of energy, you should go for Great Pyrenees. Described as a medium-energy and natural guardians, the Great Pyrenees instinctively nurture animals that are hurt or young. Isn’t that sweet? As they are calm and patient with kids and don’t require a lot of playtime or exercise, you can surely adopt the Great Pyrenees for your home. However, they have a reputation for being very loud and incapable of handling hot weather.


10.) Dogue de Bordeaux

According to the American Kennel Club., Dogue de Bordeaux dog breed is the most ancient of all French dogs. Also known as the French mastiff, Dogue de Bordeaux dogs are affectionate and courageous pups. However, when looking to have one for your home, make sure you train them well. This is because French Mastiff can be stubborn and claim dominance over you if not trained well as puppies.


11.) English Toy Spaniel

If you prefer small dogs that are calm and adorable, you may want to have an English toy spaniel. These super cure tiny dogs grow to be around 8-14 pounds and are known for their laid-back and gentle nature. As Animal Planet says “English Toy Spaniels are rarely barking dog breed”, it is an ideal choice for owners who prefer to have a pet that doesn’t make a lot of noise. Well, if you are looking for this breed only, finding this one, especially a puppy can be a bit difficult as English toy spaniels are pretty rare in the U.S.


12.) Japanese Chin

If you reside in an apartment and you are more of a cat person, the Japanese chin may be an ideal dog for you. This is because Japanese Chins are generally described as a cat in a dog suit, credit to their climbing abilities and tendency to clean themselves frequently. This breed is not only entertaining and unpredictable but also smart and not-so-tough to train. Moreover, they don’t need a lot of exercise and don’t bark a lot, however, you may need to give them a lot of affection and attention.


13.) French Bulldog

If you are looking for a low-energy dog that you can even keep on your lap, French Bulldogs are a perfect choice. Rarely barking, French Bulldogs are quite friendly pets that don’t require much exercise. As per Animal Planet, French Bulldogs are known for making you laugh with their snorting and bat ears. In recent times, French bulldogs have become quite a popular breed in the U.S., however, they are an expensive pet to have as the mothers are unable to give birth naturally and they require cesarean sections to deliver their puppies.


14.) Scottish Deerhound

Scottish Deerhounds are tall and wiry-haired dogs that are noticeable when you take it to a park crowded with dogs. Given their build, Scottish Deerhounds require some room to run in the backyard, however, they are relatively low-energy dogs. Well, when at home, this breed has “a calm and dignified personality,” – says American Kennel Club.



15.) Leonberger

Leonberger is a German breed that can weigh up to 170 pounds, however, its character is said to be very “calm and sedentary” by the American Kennel Club. Also, the AKC says “Leos” are graceful and elegant dogs who just need to release some energy once a day. While a nice pet to adopt, the biggest downside with this breed is that they shed a lot, and thus, the need regular brushing.


16.) English Bulldog

English Bulldog can be considered as an ideal indoor, family dog that needs almost no playtime or exercise, and adores pretty much everyone, including your cats (if you have). According to Vet Street, English Bulldogs are passive, even-tempered and yes they don’t bark a lot. Unfortunately, this breed is known for experiencing many health problems and is difficult to train. However, if you wish to have a pup who is happy to just sit and relax by your side, English Bulldogs are hard to beat.


17.) Sussex Spaniel

Though Sussex Spaniels are not the most chilled-out dogs always, their variety is affectionate, friendly, and doesn’t have a ton of energy to release. These lovely pups require only a moderate daily walk and love to rest their face on your lap. Animal Planet calls them “mellow affability” which means they can be an excellent therapy dog.


18.) Pug

Pug is one of the most adorable, cute, and low energy dogs to have as a pet at your home. According to American Kennel Club, “this beloved breed may be “the ideal house dog,” which is capable of thriving in almost any living situation. Pug doesn’t require a lot of exercise however they are vulnerable to obesity, so make sure to look after their calorie intake if they are spending most of their time on the couch.


19.) Shih Tzu

While Shih Tzu may not look tough, especially when they have a bow in their hair, however, they share their DNA with wolves than most dog breeds. For those looking for a gentle and friendly pet, these little pups are an ideal choice. Shih Tzu dogs are said to be bred for being companions only, and they are capable of meeting their daily exercise requirements by simply running around the house. However, the biggest concern with them is that they need regular grooming and are training them is a bit of a task.


20.) Afghan Hound

Another breed that surely catches a lot of eyes from others when you take it to a dog park is the Afghan hound. This long-hair beauty does require a lot of exercise and playtime as compared to other breeds on this list; however, they aren’t high-energy dogs. Moreover, as they are covered with layers of hair, it means they require a lot of grooming attention.


So, these are some of the low energy dogs that you can adopt to have in your home without requiring a lot of effort to take care of them.

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