Meet The McClures: The Multiracial Family

You might have seen many family pictures on social media, but the one you will see here had compelled viewers to click the like button.

An American couple Aminat and Justin McClure posted a photo of their family to portray their diverse heritage. They also prompted others to share their own stories about growing up in dual and multi-cultured families.

The couple lives in New Jersey, the US with their twin daughters and son. In the photo posted on social media, the family can be seen wearing West African-inspired outfits to pay tribute to Aminat’s Nigerian heritage. Aminat left Lagos, located in south-west Nigeria when her family migrated to the US when she was little.

In an interview, Justin told the BBC “We wanted to give the girls a lesson about how much diversity there is in the world so they learn to enrich themselves by opening their eyes to different cultures. As a family, we like to make bold statements and I wanted to celebrate Aminat’s culture.”

The outfits if the family are created by a Cameron-based designer, Claude Kameni, who herself contacted the family and offered to design their outfits.

The twin daughters of the couple already have a huge presence on the Social Media and when the couple shared their family photo on Instagram and Facebook, the photo got share over 15000 times and drew over 69,500 interactions.

Facebook and Instagram users immensely praised the photo and appreciated the couple for raising their children by keeping them connected to the culture and languages of both their parents.

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