Meet the Most Rudest Celebrities of Hollywood

There are numerous celebrities who are known for their good gesture when meeting fans or anyone around them. Well, this list is not about those decent actors or actresses. Here you will get to know about the ones who have been infamous for being really rude.

List of Top 5 The Most Rude Celebrities

1.) Adam Levine

(Adam Levine, Lead Singer of Maroon 5 Band)

(Adam Levine, Lead Singer of Maroon 5 Band)

The Maroon 5 band singer is popular among female fans not only for his singing but also for the chocolate look he has. However, Levine is not as sweet as sugar. Once a fan reached Levin for an autograph, he not only refused but made a disheartening remark by saying that “I don’t give autographs to ugly chicks”.

2.) Hugh Grant

Hugh Grant

Hugh Grant

Hugh Grant was accompanying a girl to a pub one night, but when the bouncer didn’t allow the girl to enter because of not having any proper ID, Grant allegedly yelled at the bouncer saying that “Do you know who I am?” and “I bet you don’t even have an education.” So this is kind of rudeness

3.) Megan Fox

Megan Fox

Megan Fox rude to Fan

Well, surely anyone can have a bad day, but this doesn’t mean one gets the right to make it same for another person. This is what happened when a fan of Hollywood star, Megan Fox allegedly asked for an autograph in San Diego. The “Ninja Turtle” starrer told her bodyguard to “Get this disgusting creep away from me.”

4.) John Mayer

John Mayer

John Mayer also have rude story

John Mayer allegedly threatened to sue the man from whom he learned the guitar lessons for using his face as the advertisement for his guitar classes. Well if it is true, this is not the way to treat your master who helped you reach where you are today.

5.) Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson

According to a hotel worker in Dallas, the group of security guards came inside the hotel to tell everyone to stop what they were doing and stand in a line with their eyes downward. Allegedly, the guards did this on the orders of Jackson as she didn’t want anyone to be looking at her when she enters the hotel.

We can’t say whether these stories are real or cooked up to defame these popular celebrities. Well, what you have to say about these stories? Let us know in the comment section below.

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