Quick Morning Workout Routine To Start Your Day

Quick Morning Workout Routine is a great start!

The way you start your day will decide, how your entire day is going to be. After a sound sleep, your body is not the active mode and this requires to bring it active by stretching routine. Yes, a morning stretching routine is needed to prepare your body for the day. We have this easy-to-do morning workout routine for you to give a kick start!

Top 5 Quick Morning Workout Routine To Start Your Day

Reclining Spinal Twist Workout

Reclining Spinal Twist Workout

  • A quick spinal twist is the best way to get relieved from stress in your lower back
  • Just hold the pose for at least 30 seconds on each side repeat it 5 times
  • This is your Reclining Spinal Twist Workout


Upward Stretch Workout

  • Simply, lace your fingers together and raise your hands above your head, along with this you with palms facing in the upward direction
  • Just keep your spine erected and feel the stretch in your ribcage and arms in the same position
  • You need to hold it for a count of 10
  • After that incorporate a sitting side stretch into the sequence to target your torso with it
  • This is your Upward Stretch Workout


Neck & Shoulder Stretch Workout


  • In order to stretch the muscles on the right side of your neck, you just need to turn your left ear over to your left shoulder on the other side and hold it for 20 seconds
  • After that repeat same on the other side to stretch out your left side and hold it for 20 seconds
  • Here, relax for a moment and then roll your shoulders to the back direction, and then to the front as well
  • Now, lift them up to your ears carefully, with tensing the muscles, and allow them to drop completely gently
  • This is your Neck & Shoulder Stretch Workout


Side Lunge & Bow Workout

  • Start standing by keeping your feet together and your hands behind your head
  • Here, you need to brace your abs in tight, and as you do a side lunge to the right and bow down forward
  • Make sure as hinging at your hips and bring your chest almost parallel to the floor in the same movement
  • Now, push off your right leg and go back to the start position
  • This is your Side Lunge & Bow Workout


Hamstring Stretch Workout

  • When you go for Hamstring Stretch, you need to make sure that your pelvis is square keeping your hips centered and flat on the ground
  • Imagine as a way to wake up your legs, rather than making efforts into spliting it
  • And then, circle your ankles a few times in each direction; clockwise and anticlockwise
  • This is your Hamstring Stretch Workout

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