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most common interview question

A job interview should always be considered as a school examination. This means that you must have the preparation for it well before the scheduled date. Although the syllabus of an interview is not confined to a set of books like in an exam, there are some common questions which you are most likely to be asked irrespective of the field or position you are applying in. Below are such 10 common questions for which you want to prepare beforehand and increase the chances of your selection.

10 Common Questions Asked in an Interview

  1. What are your weaknesses?

Do you have any weaknesses?” or “Tell me your weaknesses” is one of the most common questions that you might be asked by interviewers. Though the question might look simple, it is the most puzzling question you would want to answer smartly. You must answer this question by speaking less about your weakness and by emphasizing more on your strengths.

Also, try to stay away from personal qualities and focus on professional ones. For example, instead of saying straight away that “I have weak communication skills”, you can say that “I am always working on enhancing my communication skills”.

  1. Why should we hire you for the position?

If you are asked by the interviews as to why should they hire you for the position, you can answer it by including your experiences. For example, you can answer that “I have 3 years of experience in the traveling industry and a proven record of satisfying a lot of clients for the company, I have the potential of making the same or even better gains for your organization.

  1. Why do you want to work in our organization?

Some of the questions are asked by interviewers to evaluate whether or not a candidate is suitable for the position. One of these questions is why do you want to work with them”. If you are asked this, it means that the interviewer is expecting something which shows your seriousness towards the vacancy and that you have not sent your resume just because there is an opening.

For example, you can answer it by saying that “I’ve applied in those companies whose mission statement matches with my beliefs and values, where I know I could find myself excited enough with what the company does, and your organization is very top on the list of those selections.”

  1. What are your Objectives?

If you are asked that about your goals, it is suggested to answer by sharing your short-term and intermediate goals and not explaining goals that are set for the distant future. For example, you can answer it by saying that “My immediate objective or goal is to be a part of a growth-oriented organization. My long-term goal or objective will depend on where the organization goes. I want to eventually grow into a more responsible position.”

  1. Why did you leave your last organization?

If asked about the reason for leaving your previous organization, it is strongly recommended that you do not badmouth your former/current employer. So, if you are asked this question, and you’re unemployed, try to state your reason with a positive context. For example, you can answer -“I managed to survive a few rounds of corporate downsizing, however, the round included a 20% reduction, and I was a part of it.

In case you are still employed, you will need to answer it by saying things that you wish to have from your next job. For example, you can answer that “After service for three years in my current organization, I considered being a part of a company which is team-oriented, where I can make the best use of my experience.

  1. When did you feel most satisfied with your job in the last company?

If the interviewer asks you this question, it means that he/she wants to know about the things that excite and motivates you the most. If you have an example of a job or project that you were a part of and it’s worth sharing, answer it by saying that. The answer to this question will let the interviewer have an idea of your preferences. For example, you can answer it by saying that “I was very content in my last job asI got the opportunity to deal with the customers and their concerns. I have a 100% record of happy customers

  1. How you are different from the other candidates?

This is certainly one of them asked questions -“What can you do for us that other candidates can’t?”. When this question is asked, you can try to answer it by pointing out things that make you stand out from others. Here, you will need to include the assessment of your skills, qualities, and experiences. You can say –“I possess a distinct combination of technical abilities, and skills to form strong customer relationships. This allows me to make the best use of my knowledge and transform information in a more user-friendly manner.

  1. What are the three positive things your last employer would say about you?

Here, you will need to emphasize your past performance appraisals and mentioned the boss’s quotes, this is the questions where you can answer by bragging about yourself through the words of someone else. You can say that “My senior has praised me many times that I am the best coordinator he has ever worked with. He knows he can trust me, and he likes the sense of humor in me.

  1. What salary are you expecting?

If you are asked about the salary you are expecting ” it is best if the employer tells you the range they are ready to offer. You should prepare to answer by learning about the current rate in your field, and your least expectation. You might like to answer it by telling that “I am sure that we can come to a reasonable amount when the time comes. May I know about the range you generally hire someone with my background?

  1. If you would have been an animal, which one you would want to be and why?

Yes, you might also be asked a bit unusual question like this. Interviewers generally ask this type of psychological question to see your spontaneity. For example, if you answer by saying that “I would like to be a bunny” this will allow you to make an easy-going, inert impression of yours. However, if you answer it by saying “a lion” you will be interpreted as aggressive. You can answer this question according to the traits you possess and which animal does those qualities most related to.

Although you might be asked some other questions as well during the interview, you would want to stay confident if any of the above-mentioned questions are thrown at you by the interviewer.

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