8 Most Conservative States in the United States

Most Conservative States in America

Below, we bring you a list of the most conservative states in the U.S. based on a Gallup 2018 tracking poll. You will see the states that are considered highly conservative boast a gap of 20 points or greater. Let’s have a quick look here.

Most Conservative States in America

  1. Mississippi:

Let’s begin the list with Mississippi. It is considered to be the most conservative state with around 12% of the population being liberal, 29% of residents are moderate, while 50% are conservative. Looking at the gap, i.e. 38 points, the state surely grabs the attention of being the most conservative state in the country. Not-so-surprisingly, the state flaunts a high concentration of church-goers. To have a clearer picture, Mississippi hasn’t voted Democratic since 1976.

2) Wyoming:

Next on our list is Wyoming. It is the second-most conservative state with 46% of native residents is conservative. In the 2016 Presidential election, 68% of Wyoming residents voted Republican.

3) Alabama:

Just like Mississippi residents, Alabama people massively follow church rituals and are avid church-goers, too. With Wyoming, Alabama is the 3rd-most conservative state with 46% of people identifying as conservative. Also, it has the 2nd-highest conservative gap of 32 points. In the 2016 presidential election, more than 62% of voters voted Republican. In the last 8 presidential elections, Alabama has voted Republican.

4) West Virginia:

An eastern American state in the tree-covered Appalachian Mountains, West Virginia, magnificently blessed with historical parks and living-history museums, is the 4th-conservative state in the country. As per data, approximately 45% of voters are recognized as conservative and 17% are liberal. The sharp gap of 28 points makes West Virginia a highly conservative state. In the 2016 presidential election, more than 68% of voters voted Republican.

5) South Dakota:

Bordered by the states of Nebraska to the south, North Dakota to the north, Iowa to the southeast, and Minnesota to the east, South Dakota is a sparsely populated Midwestern American state, with 44% of residents recognized as conservative. With only 13% of residents identifying as liberal, it is not only the 5th-most conservative state in the U.S. but also the second-smallest percentage of any state. With 31 points gap, it is the 3rd-highest of any state.

6) Tennessee:

With around 43% of residents identifying as conservative, Tennessee, a landlocked state in the U.S., is the 6th-most conservative state. Talking about liberals, they constitute only 17%, resulting in an advantage of 26 points. You can see that 60.7% of voters voted Republican in the 2016 presidential election.

7) Oklahoma:

Next on the list is Oklahoma. It has a massive 43% of voters identifying as conservative. Speaking of the conservative advantage gap, you will have to take a look at the percentage of liberals. So, the advantage gap is 25 points. Around 65.3% of residents voted Republican in 2016. Out of 16 elections, Oklahoma has voted Republican 15 times.

8) Louisiana:

This is a southeastern state nicely perched on the Gulf of Mexico. While people admire the state as a melting pot of French-Canadian, French, American, and African cultures, Lousiana is tied with both Oklahoma and Tennessee with 43% of residents recognized as conservative. With an advantage of 28 points, it is surely the fourth-highest conservative state in the country. In the 2016 presidential election, approximately 58.1% of voters voted Republican. Areas like Shreveport, New Orleans, and Baton Rouge are the least conservative places in the state.

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