List of Most Dangerous Games in the World

You might have seen a lot of games and sports live or on TV, but not as dangerous as the ones listed below. These games and sports are extremely dangerous and require a lot of courage not just for participating but also for watching. Already curious to know about these games? Let us not make you wait and get started with the list of most dangerous games in the world that really exist.

  1. Intercept

You must have seen a lot of car chase sequences in the movies, and you have also played or heard about the most popular video games, Grand Theft Auto. But, you know that all those stunts and games are not real. Well, those movie scenes and games are fiction but not this Car chase game show. Yes, you read it right. There was a Russian show which aired on television in 1997. When you watch this show, you are sure to get chills with lots of real thrills.

In the game show, two contestants had to steal a car in each episode with the help of assistants in Moscow. Then six police cars used to chase them. The contestants were allowed to do anything they want to hide from the police, however, it had to be done without breaking any law. If a contestant was able to last uncaught for more than 35 minutes then the contestants would win a handsome amount of money.

In the second season of the show, the organizers of the show made things a bit more interesting. The twist in the game for the next season was that the cars were no longer had a full tank of gas, so the contestants had to get it filled up while not getting caught by the Hunters. Also, the contestants were given the advantage of listening to the cops through a portable radio transmitter. Well, the show is not more aired on the television, however, you can find its episodes on YouTube.

  1. Great Game of the Grey Goose


The next on the list of most dangerous games in the world is this weekly game show which aired in Spain. This gameshow comprised of four contestants who had to a player on a life-sized board game. Each contestant was asked to roll the dice in order to get the chance to win money. Till here that game seems to be simple. However, the twist begins with the fact that after rolling the dice, the contestant had to perform the act or stunt where the dice reaches after rolling. Some of the acts which contestant had to perform included entering a pit of acrylic glass or boa constrictors, or battling in a cage match. This Spanish season aired for four seasons.

  1. Dero!

When you talk about the off-beat Game Shows, The Japanese shows can’t be left out at all. Dero is one such Japanese game show that is not only different and dangerous to participate in but also a complete thrilling to watch. The gameplay of the game show used to make participants escape from rooms through different tricks and obstacles. According to TV Tropes, the game comprises of there were seven rooms including a beam room, which had three metal beams sticking out from the wall. The contestants were asked to climb and solve puzzles on a screen to escape the trap. Then contestants were asked to answer questions from sinking pellets in a sand room. If a contestant gets four right answers, they were provided a rope to pull themselves out of the sinking pellets.

The show was such a huge success among the audience that an American version of the show was aired and was titled as Exit. While the show lasted for only four episodes, there were four teams of two contestants battling for prize money $10,000.

  1. Solitary

This American show was very brutal and was made this way to catch the attention of the audience. In this game show, contestants were tortured by keeping them in solitary pods for weeks after getting a final two-minute phone call. The show was an adaptation of the German show, ProSieben. The participant who used to make out last was rewarded a $50,000 prize. While the contestants were kept in solitude, they weren’t totally void of communication. There was an artificial intelligence named Val in the show which used to give instructions to the contestants for tests. Not only contestants were kept away from communication but they were also kept away from clocks, sunlight, and moonlight, making them have no sense of time. The show was such popular among the audience that a total of four seasons were aired on the television.


  1. Hurl!

Eating in excess and then throwing up is generally referred to as a sign of an eating disorder. Well, this eating disorder was used as a plot for the contestants of this game show. In this game, the competitors were first asked to do binge eating, and then they were asked to do athletic competitions. Yes, you guessed right! Such excessive eating and then-athletic tasks used to make competitors vomit. The last one to vomit in this competition was considered the winner of the game. To make the game more interesting and twisted for the contestant, the competitors were lied that whoever will eat the most and vomits the least will be counted as the winner. The winner is rewarded with a $1,000 cash prize. The show was quite popular, however, it only lasted for 11 episodes.

  1. Blue Whale Challenge

Blue Whale Challenge can be said the most deadly game cum challenge in the world, responsible for numerous suicides all over the world. It was not a TV show but a social network phenomenon started in 2016, which is said to be existing in numerous countries. This “game” allegedly consists of a series of tasks assigned to the participant by administrators over a period of 50 days. Initially, the game appears to be interesting and doesn’t appear to be harmful or offensive. However, as the game progresses and a player moves ahead by accomplishing task after task, challenges comprising of self-harm are introduced, which then leads to the final challenge, requiring the player to commit suicide. While the claims of suicides connected to the game have been reported all over the world, but none of them has been confirmed.

  1. Salt and Ice Challenge

Similar to the blue whale challenge, the Salt and Ice challenge is also a self-harming internet challenge. In this challenge a person is asked to put salt on their skin, followed by placing ice on the salt.  Doing so leads to a burning sensation which is quite similar to frostbite. The participants try to beat opponents’ time by bearing the pain for a longer time. The challenge is shot and posted on various social networking sites including YouTube. How does this simple challenge hurt? Well, the combination of ice and salt is known for causing a chemical reaction, allowing the mixture to get as cold as -18°C and become capable of burning through the skin.

  1. The Cutting Challenge

This online cutting challenge encourages kids to cut their own body parts like arm, hand, leg, etc. with a knife, razor blade or any sharp object. Once they cut themselves, they are asked to take pictures and share it with their friends or post it on Facebook.

So, these are some of the most dangerous games in the world that are thrilling as well as adventurous to watch.

  1. Kazakhstan Tug of War

This is not a game but basically, a sport played In Kazakhstan. In this sport, hunters on horseback play tug of war with goat skin, trying to secure the skin while also trying to make their opponents fall from the horse. This sport is not only popular in Kazakhstan but throughout Central Asia.

  1. Kabbadi

Kabbadi can be termed a roughed-up version of tag played especially in India. There are 7 players on each side. One player alternatively from each side goes into the opponent’s zone to catch or touch the players and return back to its zone while repeating the word “kabbadi” continuously.

  1. Guanniu

The competition “Guanniu” is played in China’s Zhejiang province. It is mainly a bull wrestling contest which is said to be a tradition of the Hui ethnic minority since the 13th century. In this game, local men test their strength against bulls by forcing it on the ground with their bare hands. The challenge needs to be completed in a total of three minutes’ time. An average bull weighs around 400 KG and it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

  1. Malta’s Gostra Greasy Pole Competition

If you are in Malta or planning your holidays to Malta, you would not want to miss the chance to catch the glimpse of this amazing spectacle of “Gostra”. This traditional game will surely become a memory forever in your mind. Dating back to Middle Ages, the Maltese Gostra game is believed to have derived from the Neapolitan game of the Cockaigne pole. In this traditional competition, a large wooden pole having a height of 10 to 16 meters is erected over the sea in different seaside towns across the Maltese Islands. The objective of the game is to grab one of three flags at the end of the pole:

  • Blue and White flag dedicated to St. Mary,
  • Yellow and White representing the Vatican
  • Belgian Tricolour dedicated to St. Julian

The winner who completes the task gets a prize and the Gostra champion title prestige.

  1. Buzkashi

Buzkashi is the national sport of Afghanistan, which literally means “Goat Pulling”. It is basically a Central Asian sport in which players on horse attempt to grab and place a goat or calf carcass in a goal. During the rule of the Taliban regime, Buzkashi was banned in Afghanistan, as they considered the game immoral. When the Taliban regime was withdrawn, the game was resumed again. Buzkashi is not only the national sport in Afghanistan but also a “passion” where it is often played on Fridays, drawing thousands of spectators.

At present, games similar to Buzkashi are played by numerous Central Asian ethnic groups like Turkmens, Kyrgyz, Uyghurs. Uzbeks,  Tajiks, Baloch people, Kazakhs, and Pashtuns.

  1. Musangwe

Musangwe is a brutal, bare-knuckle traditional fight club in which members of the Venda people gather to fight against each other. Though over the last 50 years, a lot of things have changed in South Africa, however, the games like Musangwe remains the same in the hills of the north. Each week, boys and men of different ages participate in these short violent brawl to test their and their opponents’ toughness.

  1. Fingerhakeln

Fingerhakeln (literally means finger pulling) is a sport which practiced for numerous reasons, especially Bravia, Austria, Finland, and Scandinavia. In Finger pilling, the opponents sit at a table facing each other and try to pull the opponent towards themselves over the table using one finger. The opponent can be defeated by physical force, conquering the pain of the finger being stretched and using appropriate technique. While a participant is allowed to use any finger (except thumb), however, generally the opponents compete using their middle fingers in a leather strap.

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