Most Important Images in the Internet

In today’s Internet age, it doesn’t take much longer for something to get viral and become an internet sensation. Who would have thought that “PPAP (Pen Pineapple Apple Pen)” song would become a viral internet sensation? But this is how things are in the present internet world, you never know the weirdest and irritating thing for you is being appreciated by other netizens so much that it has become a temporary viral internet anthem.

Every now and then you may find a video or an image being circulated by people through social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. Well, as 2019 is almost coming to an end, we have curated a list of most important images on the internet of 2019. So, go through the list and check out what has been viral this year.

List of Most Important Images in the Internet

Doug the Pug Having his Tasty Snacks

Well, Well, Well! Finally, we have reached the most viral image of 2019, and the credit belongs to none other than our Dough the Pug. If you search on Google for “Most Important Images on the internet”, the search result will display our very own Dough the Pug chilling with his favorite snacks and listening to his favorite track. Check out the image below-

Most Important Images

“Doug the Pug” is looking quite relaxed and fashionable. The image is part of images posted on Wondering about the importance of this pug, well, you would be surprised to know that he has 2.78 million followers on Twitter and 3.7 million followers on Instagram.

Two Possible Ways Dogs Could Wear Pants

Though Google shows Doug the Pug as the most important image on the internet at present, however, if you make the same search on the other popular search engines like Bing and Yahoo, you will find this diagram as the top image.

Most Important Images

If you do the search on Google, this image is second just to the Dough the Pub. While you might not find the doodles in the diagram impressive enough at first glance, however, the question it asks is surely interesting.

Kylie Jenner’s Baby

Since the time this image was posted by Kylie Jenner to her Instagram in February 2018 where her new baby daughter is holding her finger, it was the most-liked Instagram photo fetching more than 18 million likes.

Most Important Images

Although the image was surpassed in early 2019, it still deserves a position in this list of most important images on the internet of 2019 for the duration it held its spot.

The World Record Egg on Instagram

Wondering which image was able to break the record of Kylie’s post on Instagram? Well, it’s the image right below.

Most Important Images

Yes, you saw the right image. An image posted by an Instagram user – world_record_egg is said to have beat the record for most likes on Instagram succeeding on January 13th, 2019. This egg post got viral wildly and received millions of likes within a couple of hours. In January 2019, it had got more than 45 million likes.

The Crying Cat Meme

Schmuserkadser, popularly got viral as the Crying Cat, is an internet meme in which the image of a teary-eyed white cat was posted on the internet back in 2014. Though it was posted 5 years back, however, it started getting viral in 2018.

Most Important Images

As per the Google Trends, netizens started showing their interest in the Crying Cat image by late 2018, and the image is going strong in 2019. The image is iconic and at present, you’ll notice that a lot of users find it inspirational for Photoshop edits posted across different social media sites.

Fiji Water Girl At the 2019 Golden Globe Awards

This image from the night of the Golden Globes is one of the first memes of 2019 that got viral insanely among internet users. The woman in this image got famous for photobombing all the actors ‘professional camera shots.

Most Important Images

While the job of this woman was to offer bottles of Fiji water, however, the internet decided she seemed much more than just a water girl, stealing the spotlight from the actors who were being photographed.

The “Squatted for the Gram” Reaction Image

A Twitter user @Solo_Kalin posted one of her Instagram photoshoots in March 2018, to show the struggle of posing for a glamorous photo.

Most Important Images

In the image, Kalin can be seen crouched over her knees in heels, wearing pink sunglasses, mocking herself. The moment it was posted, it became the reaction image of choice for meme lovers and social media users using it to show their disorientation and exhaustion while searching for something on the internet.

Marie Kondo Teaching People How to Tidy Up

On January 1st, 2019, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo debuted on Netflix and become an instant hit among people inspiring them to get rid of anything that doesn’t ignite joy for them.

Most Important Images

Since then, the TV show has inspired all sorts of hilarious memes — mostly meant to catch exaggerated experiences of viewers in learning to tidy up anything effortlessly.


A Japanese Billionaire’s Promotional Tweet

Founder of Japan’s biggest online shopping mall Zozotown, Yusaku Maezawa, posted a professional tweet in the first week of 2019 with the below-mentioned image. He simply requested his followers to follow him and re-tweet his post to get a chance to win a generous cash prize.

Most Important Images

Since the Japanese Billionaire posted on Twitter, more than 1.4 million likes and over 5 million re-tweets were made by the other users, Maezawa is said to have the top spot for having the most retweeted tweet ever.

Long tongue dog

Most Important Images

Though this image seems to be a Photoshop stunt as a dog with such a long tongue can’t be possible, however, instead of ignoring this image, people decide to make it viral, sharing it multiple times through different social networking sites.

Kim Kardashian Pregnant

Most Important Images

Kim has always been slim and trim even after having unbelievable curves. Though she gained a healthy amount of weight before the birth of her daughter North West, she still decided to take her time to appear astonishing as always. And this image is the testimony to it. The image got a lot of appreciation from fans all over the world.

Mark Wahlberg

Most Important Images

This usual photo of Mark Wahlberg was ranked 43 on Google search for the “most important image on the internet”. Well, you call it the stardom of the amazing actor of the creativity of netizens that made this image go viral.

Famous Dog on the Internet

Most Important Images

This is surely the stuff that is worth getting viral. The first glance at the picture shows how funny the pet is looking. Though the image if of the dog, the expression it is showing is almost like a human. Such types of images are hardly ever left by social media users for creating memes and this one is no different. Most of you must have seen several memes featuring this famous pet on various social media platforms.

Donald Trump Hit the wall

Most Important Images

Only the people in the picture can tell us what exactly Trump was trying to say, perhaps he is discussing to throttle a bike. It seems that this suspense and curiosity to guess what Mr. President is talking about lead to the birth of all sorts of memes on him. This image was among the most important image on the internet when searched on Bing.

The Cats Milly and Charlie

Most Important Images

Animals have always been among the list of most important images on the internet. And the image above is another fine example of it. The innocence and cuteness of these cats seem to be the prime reason for the image going viral.

Marnie The Dog

Most Important Images

Marnie the dog became an internet sensation the moment this image was posted online. Marnie not only earned millions of followers but also got her own app and an author title. The trademark head tilts, floppy tongue, huge eyes, along with the silly captions by the owner made Marnie enjoy huge popularity and following online.

Emilia Clarke And Beyonce

Most Important Images

On the left-hand side is the actor, Emilia Clarke, from the most popular TV show – Game of Thrones. On the right-hand side is the American superstar singer and actress, Beyonce. Although, Beyonce is a great personality when compared to Emilia Clarke, apparently, Beyoncé is a huge fan of Emilia Clarke. There was an incidence during Oscar’s after-party when Beyoncé approached Emilia. The Game of Thrones actress was overwhelmed by emotions and plundered her chance of conversing with Beyonce.

Donald Trump With Bun Hair

Most Important Images

If there is one person who had multiple viral images in 2019, it is none other than the United States president, Donald Trump. This image of him is quite funny where he is photoshopped to have a bun.

The Dress That Broke the Internet

Most Important Images

The poorly lit dress image shown above caught the eyes of people when an innocent question was raised by one person asking the color of the dress. This simple question was enough to make the image get viral and lead to a variety of memes, arguments and silly scientific explanations. There was a severe argument between people who saw it as black and blue and those who found it gold and white.

The debated didn’t stay confined to regular social media users as even celebrities and known personalities participated in the excitement. The prime minister of Singapore, Lee Loong, tweeted that the color was gold and white. Kim Kardashian also shared her opinion on Twitter by tweeting the color of the dress to be gold and white, on the other hand, her celebrity husband found the dress to be black and blue.

Measles Epidemic And Dress Debate

Most Important Images

This viral meme of a young boy shown above got viral not just for the amazing expression of the kid but mainly for the sarcasm it conveyed through the message written on it.

Squirrels Kissing

Most Important Images

In this image, one squirrel is shown in the dress as a bride, being kissed by his groom just the way humans do at the time of the marriage ceremony. The squirrels have their eyes closed which makes the image more adorable. Well, can’t say if it is real or fake, but surely it becomes an internet sensation among various social media platforms.

Be Yourself

Most Important Images

This image went viral for the caption it had “The most important thing is to be you unless you can be Batman. Always be Batman”, and the boy who is shown in the Batman’s gear. Well, this shows that things didn’t turn out for him when he was being himself, and thus, he decided to be Batman. How funny it is!

Kylie Celebrates Travis Scott’s Birthday

Most Important Images

Though the above image was actually a video on Instagram, it was surely among the most important image searched on the internet. The post on Instagram fetched millions of likes by fans and users worldwide.

The Jenners Avengers Themed Party Image

Most Important Images

This was the recent entry to the list of most important images on the internet where Kylie Jenner again made it to the list posting her family dressed up as Iron Man, Captain Marvel, and Thor.

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott

Most Important Images

Well, Kylie Jenner isn’t done with our list of most important images on the internet. The provocative image above is none other than Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott. The pose was given by the hot duo for the Playboy Magazine cover. Before the image was published on the magazine cover, it went viral on the internet and made fans curious about the release of the next Playboy edition.

Have any other image in your mind that was viral in 2019? Let us know in the comment box. We will add it to this list of the most important images on the internet.

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