List Of Most Subscribed Youtube Channels?

most subscribed Youtube channel

Whether you want to watch videos songs, movies, or listen to the jukebox, YouTube is the platform where you get all kinds of video entertainment you may want to watch over the internet. From Educational, Haul, comedy, and How-To videos to vlogging, unboxing, and gaming, you will always find one or the other content on YouTube to entertain you. Not only does YouTube allows users to watch content but also create their channel on the platform and post videos.

To make it even more engaging YouTube also offers channel owners on their platform to earn through advertisements, merchandising, fan funding, licensing content to media, associating with brands as an influencer, etc. However, to make YouTube a source of earning or to simply become popular on it, one would need to grow the number of subscribers on their YouTube channel. At present, the  10 most subscribed YouTube Channels are as follows.

List of 10 Most Subscriber YouTube Channel

Note: The information provided in this list is according to the number of subscribers as of 24th October 2020.

  1. Canal KondZilla (61.1MSubscribers 1585 Videos)

The Canal KondZilla channel is currently at the 10th spot however it is considered to be one of the fastest-growing channels in terms of subscribers as well as views. The channel features music videos of Konrad Dantas, stage name KondZilla, which he produced, directed, and screen written. The music videos mostly belong to the funk ostentação genre, the popularity of which has garnered great response from YouTube watchers.

  1. Like Nastya Vlog (62.9MSubscribers, 497 Videos)

Like Nastya is a channel owned by a Russian-American YouTuber, Anastasia Radzinskaya. The channel is centered around kids and features Nastya and her parents who manage the channel. The videos are generally on recreating scenes from TV Shows and Films, going on vacation, singing songs, and nursery rhymes.

Like Nastya also has one more channel, which contains videos that are more focused on plating and visiting amusements and activity parks. Well, that channel also has subscribers in millions, somewhere around 15M.

  1. Zee Music Company (63.5MSubscribers, 5,032 Videos)

Coming back to music, here is the Indian channel Zee Music that stands at no. 8 position with 63.5 Million subscribers. The channel’s content consists of music videos, most of which features music videos TV shows, and Films. The channel claims to have more than 220k hours of video content.

  1. Kids Diana Show (66.3MSubscribers, 771 Videos)

After music, children’s channels are widely appreciated on YouTube, which is evident from the fact that there are a couple of kids-based channels with the most number of subscribers on the list. Known as Kids Diana Show, this YouTube channel features a girl named Diana where she makes videos about her life and shares what it’s like to be a kid. Also, the videos on the channel have toy unboxings, trips out, challenges, and several other activities that children generally do.

  1. WWE (68.1MSubscribers, 50,436 Videos)

World Wrestling Entertainment, commonly known as WWE, is the most popular sports YouTube channel on the list. Having subscribers from almost all over the world, WWE has tens of millions of subscribers from every side of the planet. The WWE channel features recaps of old and recent matches, and footage from their archives, including classic fights and popular interviews.

  1. 5-Minute Crafts (69.1MSubscribers, 4,614 Videos)

At number 5, it is 5-Minute Crafts, a DIY channel that focuses on a wide range of subjects. Started in2016, it has gradually and consistently grown and has 69.1M subscribers at present, making it position into the top 5 most subscriber channel on YouTube.

  1. SET India (86.1MSubscribers, 43,183 Videos)

Another Indian channel making into the list is Sony Entertainment Television, or also known as SET India. The channel features complete episodes of TV shows, episode clips, and teaser trailers.

  1. Cocomelon – Nursery Rhymes (96.6MSubscribers, 573)

Another children’s channel in the list is the Cocomelon – Nursery Rhymes with 96.6 million subscribers. The position of this channel in the top-3 shows how much young kids love to watch YouTube videos. By the name, only one can tell that the channel is mainly focused on nursery rhymes. What makes it more preferred by the kids is the use of animation and cute characters.

  1. PewDiePie (107MSubscribers, 4,221 Videos)

Who could have thought that playing games and reacting on camera to scary video games can make you the most subscribed YouTuber. Even Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg (owner of PewDiePie YouTube Channel) wouldn’t have thought so before he became one. Not only the most famous YouTuber Felix is also one of the highest earners on the platform. The main focusing of PewDiePie includes gaming, including livestreams of him playing. His videos also include a lot of vlogging, collaborations with other YouTubers, as well as his own meme review series.

  1. T-Series (158MSubscribers, 14,744 Videos)

Although for around 1,920 days PewDiePie was holding the top position at YouTube as the most followed channel, then came the T-Series channel, an India record label and film production company which gradually made to the top spot and left behind PewDiePie with not just 20 or 30 but a 50 Million subscribers gap. The content on the T-Series channel comprises a vast collection of music videos, trailers, clips, and films from T-Series production.

Well, by the number of subscribers, T-Series and PewDiePie don’t seem to have a threat to their current position for a long time, however, if you consider the number of videos that a channel posted to get these subscribers, Cocomelon- Nursery Rhymes with just 573 videos and 96.6M subscribers is a winner.

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