10 Signs I Missed When My Husband Cheated On Me

My Husband Cheated On Me

Being in love is a wonderful feeling ever in life; but what if the man you trust the most is cheating on you. Your partner is for sharing your happiness, fears, problems and aspirations of life; you don’t want to share your man with any other woman or maybe some other man. Many women are worried about their husbands, however, they don’t have any exact clues to identify whether the men are cheating or not. Read on, these common signs I completely missed when my husband cheated on me; at least you can save your marriage.

I Missed These 10 Signs When My Husband Cheated On Me

He started dressing better & conscious about looks

A well-groomed man is something each woman love to has in her life. You will be really glad if your husband starts to take care of his looks. This is something really unusual as men don’t give a damn about their appearance after marriage. If he started wearing cologne all of a sudden or changed the cologne with a new one; this is the first sign for you. If he started buying new clothes and perfumes; the extramarital affair has already flamed up.


Password protection everything & guarding phone

The password protection for everything is good; but is it something that your man just started doing, you need to be careful. Especially, when he was carefree over such protection, but suddenly started doing it or trying to keep it safe from you, you need to be extra careful here.

Many women noticed that their husbands started sleeping by their bedside, or bringing it into the shower with them. Some started switching it off, when they are with their wives, this is the clear sign that he is into some other relationship.


No more casual touch & eye contacts

A casual bump when passing in the hallway or a gentle caress is common with couples, who are in a healthy relationship. This shows the warmness of your relationship, if your man is not the same with you, then you should be cautious. The eye contact between a husband and wife, especially during the intimacy is missing; he is cheating on you. These brief acts will make you realize the sudden change in his behaviour.


He started travelling alone

Some jobs require to travel, especially people who are into business management profile; but when my husband started travelling alone and so frequently, it was the sign. He starts avoiding me to travel with him for any personal trips too; he must have an extramarital affair. And, the only reason for this is that he doesn’t want to go with and might be getting accompanied by someone else. Who is spending time with him; could be a new woman in his life. I should be brought this because my husband cheated on me; don’t ignore such events.


Compliments became comments & hurtful remarks

Remember the time, when your husband used to compliment you for your beautiful eyes, smile, dressing and even your fragrance too; but it stopped suddenly. The compliments are no more in your life, but it became regular comments or criticism to your looks and dressing; he must be interested in some other girl. Picking fights all of a sudden strengthen the doubt that he must be dating some other girl.


You find it difficult to get in touch

Miserably, your husband is difficult to get in touch with all modes of communication. You will find him always away from you, your place and even in the office. There would be common excuses as meetings with a client, an office party or extra workload; your man is not faithful to you anymore. You might be aware of his official trips, but he won’t give you the exact location and place.


His sexual desires have changed

The physical intimacy is the bond between a married couple. If your man is not interested in sex anymore or there is zero sex desire, you are losing him. He must be getting all physical love from some other woman. He might not directly avoid it, but he would prefer to sleep rather perform in the bed.


Is he over affectionate

Some men are boring and some became dull after marriage to express their love. Yet, a sudden change in his behaviour will definitely not for you. Might be he suddenly started pouring love to you, bringing gifts and flowers to you; which was not there before, his actions telling a different story. This could be out of love and appreciation, but if you ever have any doubt, then find it.


Start dropping a particular female name in conversations

When a guy started in an affair, there are chances that he will be obsessed with the lady, whom he is roaming around. You might find a frequent use of a particular female name in his conversation because of his sudden interest in some other woman. Don’t buy this excuse to using the same name multiple times in the day; he is trying to sneak in the name in a conversation. This woman is all around in his life, workplace, shopping, eating and bed too.


Suddenly active on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter account

Once your man was not at all interested in any social networking websites and suddenly, he became active in such places; he has a new partner in the crime. He might be posting new “check-ins” or posting new pics on the Insta account, your marriage is in trouble.

So these are signs which I have missed when my husband cheated on me. Did any sign match with your husband?

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