Newborn’s photoshoot with her late father’s ‘army brothers’ leaves everyone teary-eyed

You may have heard many emotional stories of people honoring the defense personnel, who gave their life for the country, in a special way. Britt Harris, the widow of the U.S. Army Spc. Chris Harries, also did something special to honor his memory.

Chris Harris Regiments Soldiers Holding His Baby Christian Michelle Harris

Chris Harris’ Regiment’s Soldiers Holding His Baby, Christian Michelle Harris

When Chris Harris got killed in August 2017 in a suicide bombing attack from a vehicle-borne explosive device on his first posting to Afghanistan, his wife, Britt Harris was just six months pregnant. Completely broken hearing about her husband, Britt overcome the situation by preparing to welcome their “little angel” and involved Harris’ regiment in the gender revelation of the baby which quickly went viral.

Ahead of her daughter’s birth, Britt told WFMY News 2 – “I want her to know that she’s her dad’s legacy. He never hesitated when it came to helping and would do anything to help others.”

Chris and Britt’s daughter, Christian Michelle Harris was born on March 17, St. Patrick’s Day. To make the celebration of her baby’s arrival and to honor her husband, Britt decided to go for an All-American photo shoot.

Britt Harris With Her Daughter, Christian Michelle Harris

Britt Harris With Her Daughter, Christian Michelle Harris

The 26-old year mother told Today – “I wanted to capture as much of Chris’ spirit as I could. He was extremely devoted to the Army and his country. I thought nothing could be more fitting for her photos and [it would be] something she can look back on with pride.”

Chris Harris with his Wife Britt

Chris Harris with his Wife Britt

In the photo below, Christian can be seen taking a deep sleep next to the American flag in their home in Fayetteville. As the time goes by and Christian grows up, these pictures will honor the strong bond between the father and daughter.

Christian Sleeping Peacefully Next to American Flag

Christian Sleeping Peacefully Next to American Flag


Britt revealed this picture of Christian with her father’s army uniform as her favorite as this makes her feel that Chris is holding the baby in his arms.

Christian With Her Late Father's Army Uniform

Christian With Her Late Father’s Army Uniform

Britt also revealed that while Chris was overseas, he used to be overjoyed knowing that he was soon going to be a father.

Britt told WFMY – “When I told him, it was the happiest I’d ever seen him. He was so excited.

Moreover, she told WCNC – “She will grow up knowing everything about him. I will tell her every story and show her every picture I have. She will grow up with the utmost amount of pride in who her father was.”

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