She Tried To Get Intimated With An Easter Bunny Publically, Got Arrested

Yes, the Easter Bunny was cute enough, but not for the making out in the public. This is not the appropriate behavior in public, especially when small kids are around, the police said.


Ladonna Hughett, the 54 years old woman, caught by police on Saturday; when she lewdly propositioned and grabbed an Easter Bunny working at a carousel park in Mansfield.

Intimated With An Easter Bunny

Witnesses said that she has been found inappropriately grabbing the costumed character and made suggestive comments within earshot of families at the indoor park, when Hughett posed for a photo with the rabbit and got clicked.


According to the assistant Chief Keith Porch of Mansfield police, “We received a report from a citizen, an unusual report from a citizen, that called us to the Richland Carrousel Park of an intoxicated female doing some lewd acts on the Easter Bunny.”

Ladonna Hughett


How officers defined Hughett in their arrest report, “Hughett seemed to be drunk with slurred speech, bloodshot eyes, and a generally wobbly demeanor.”


Interestingly, she has been charged for public drunkenness and booked into the county jail; but didn’t got charged for assaulting the Easter Bunny at a public place. She got released eight hours later after she has been booked according to WLW.

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