10 Interesting Facts About Stephen Hawking – You Didn’t Know

physicist Stephen Hawking facts
Stephen Hawking zero gravity

Stephen Hawking, the award-winning physicist, cosmologist, astronomer, mathematician, and influential author; has an interesting life. Last month, this living legend took his last breath peacefully.  Here, we have the 10 interesting Stephen Hawking facts about our superstar scientist of this era.

10 interesting Stephen Hawking facts

  • Did you know that Stephen Hawking was born on the 300th death anniversary of famous Italian polymath Galileo; i.e. 8th January, 1942
  • Did you know that he was not a brilliant kid during school, despite being one of the greatest minds on this planet. However, his teachers and classmates believed that he will be a genius and that’s why he got the nickname “Einstein”
  • During his days at Albans High School, he made a computer with his friends and help of a teacher. And, do you know what he built it; just an old telephone switchboard, some clock parts, and some other recycled components
  • If you think that only Stephen Hawking is only intelligent brain from Hawking family, then you are wrong. His father, Frank Hawking, and mother, Isobel Hawking; they both attended the University of Oxford; no doubt, from where he got such sheer brilliance
  • Stephen Hawking was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) at age of 21 years. Doctors told him that he has only 2 years left to live; but with his brilliance and will-power, he survived till 76 years
  • Before getting diagnosed with ALS, he was the active member of Oxford Rowing Team; yes, he had that active adventurous life
  • We all know “The Brief History Of Time” is his all-time popular science book. But, did you know that this brilliant British physicist was also the author of a children’s book series? The first series is “George’s Secret Key to the Universe” and the second one is “George’s Cosmic Treasure Hunt”; which he co-wrote with his daughter Lucy Hawking
  • The Hawking’s Equation or Hawking radiation is one of his major findings; it talks about formula involves the speed of light (c), Newton’s constant (G) and other symbols that measure emissions from black holes
  • In order to survive the human race, Stephen Hawking took a zero-gravity flight in 2007 to experience the weightlessness
  • His life has always been interesting since his birth; even his death on 14th March, 2018 has a giant coincidence with the 30th anniversary of the Pi Day. Interestingly, it was the birth of Albert Einstein (14th March, 1879) on the same date

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