“Height Difference Couples” Better Compatibility, Says Science

While science has introduced amazing inventions and researches to make our lives bigger and easier in many ways, it also keeps trying out its hand in some weird researches such as the correlation between a husband’s height and his wife’s perceived contentment. Although the statistics that came out of this research are clear, however that can’t be considered completely factual considering the variables such as culture, sex, race, nationality, education, employment etc. can affect the result of the study. Anyway, the study done by scientists seems fun to be read and evaluate.

The study was conducted on 8,000 Indonesian volunteers in 2017 in which the compatibility between a taller husband and short wife (Height Difference Couples) came out to be the most pleasurable. The study may make some think that the wife’s perceived happiness relies on the inches between her and her partner, however, which is not the only factor influencing the emotion. The self-esteem, earning, and confidence are other factors that also have a major role in overall happiness.

tall husband short wife

Apart from this, the study also highlighted that a taller husband might have better scope for higher earning as they could appear more trustworthy and proficient to employers. Therefore, they may be the preferred choice for promotions and increment. However, the resourcefulness of a man played an insignificant role in comparison to his height and happiness.

Coming to appearance, the study also revealed that men with good height are considered to have attractive personality compared to shorter guys. Apparently, it can be said that taller men seem to have better life satisfaction and with a good sense of self-esteem and confidence, a larger man may appear to be more charming.

Well, this study may be disheartening for the shorter husbands, however, this study is not conclusive as every individual have their own preference when it comes to appearance and intelligence of a person.

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