The “Blue Stain” Incident of Heather Duckworth that Has Gone Viral

Every one of us has got so much involved in our world that we have forgotten to enjoy small things in the life which may exist in the chaos that frustrates us. The “Blue Stain” incident of Heather Duckworth is all about this only – the importance of people and their memories.

Heather Duckworth, a mother of two-year-old triplets and a four-year-old little boy, shared a story on Facebook which has been entitled “The Blue Stain”. Since the time it was shared on the social media, the story has gone viral worldwide. As you will go through the story yourself, you will know why and how it has touched millions of hearts.

Two-Year-Old Triplets and a four-year-old son of Heather Duckworth

Two-Year-Old Triplets and a four-year-old son of Heather Duckworth

It all started when Heather was scrubbing up the slime that slipped from her daughter’s finger on to the floor. While her daughter cleaned up most of the mess, Heather started to get irritated scrubbing the grout where the slime was stuck. Losing her temper, suddenly she realized another time in her life when she faced the similar situation. And this made here memories flood back to present.

Going back to 14 years ago, Heather remembered the night when she was getting her “crew of boys into the playroom to clean up for a few minutes before bedtime”. She was totally tired chasing after her triplets and eldest son like every other day. She remembers that she had not taken a shower in last four days. She was so much involved in tending to her kids’ needs that even though she was completely exhausted, she used to think that she wouldn’t have it any other way. She wrote – “My hands were full, but so was my heart”.

Blue Stain on Carpet on the Left-Hand-Side and Heather's Kids on Right Hand Side

Blue Stain on Carpet on the Left-Hand-Side and Heather’s Kids on Right Hand Side

After finishing the dinner and baths, Heather was in the playroom with her kids where the radio was playing in the background and everyone was dancing and singing and playing with their toys. She thought to quickly get the boys to bed and spare herself some minutes for a shower. And as she was putting toys away, she heard one of her boys uttering, “uh, oh”.

When she was thinking to make up some minutes for her to take a shower, she saw blue ink spilled all over the carpet by one of her triplets. The boy shrieked with amuse seeing blue ink dripping from his hand and covered his clean pajamas. Heather yelled for her husband’s help who was doing the dishes. With frustration and tears in her eyes, she took the boy to the bathroom to clean him up while her husband was scrubbing the blue stains from the brand new carpet. Heather got completely mad and tired, and really angry, not on her son but for leaving the pen in reach of her kids. The couple did everything to get rid of the stain on their tan carpet but it just remained.

Heather's Son Who Spilled the Ink on the Carpet and Died Due to Cancer

Heather’s Son Who Spilled the Ink on the Carpet and Died Due to Cancer

The following month, her son who splattered the blue ink all over the carpet was diagnosed with cancer. And, two years later, he breathed his last.

The little boy was no more but the stain was still there…. and now…. It became a constant reminder of her son. Heather considered the stain as a reminder of her frustration over something so trifling… so insignificant. The stain which made her so frustrated earlier gave her a strong message that in life-

We shouldn’t sweat on small stuff.

People are more important than “things”.

We should let go of the little things and hang on tight what is important.

She understood that “life is messy, but that’s what makes it worth living”.

Over the years, while the stain is still there, the Duckworth family has learned to hide it well under furniture. However, every time Heather comes across the stain while cleaning or moving the furniture, the stain is there, reminding her of the pain of her great loss.

Heather's Daughter Who Spilled Slime on the Carpet And Made Her Realize the Importance of People Over Things

Heather’s Daughter Who Spilled Slime on the Carpet And Made Her Realize the Importance of People Over Things

When earlier, the stain used to be such an eyesore and make Heather cry in frustration now just makes her thank God for these memories. She has well understood that life is messy and all such messes and difficulties are a “blessing in disguise”. She would love to have million blue ink stains on her carpet if it could give her one more day with her son.

Heather was so touched by the recent incident of the slime mess on her floor and the disguised blessing she realized that she couldn’t control herself from sharing such a deep and beautiful message with everyone and make other value their life, no matter what it makes them go through.

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