The CCTV Footage of 83-Year Old Fighting Robbers Has Gone Viral

An 83-year old grandfather has become an internet sensation since his CCTV footage of fighting armed robbers has gone viral on the internet.

Denis O’Connor from County Cork, Ireland, is quite a man for an 83-year old person. The granddaddy was in the Bar One Racing in Glanmire, Country Cork, on Saturday when three robbers burst into the bar.

Denis O'Connor Who Fight Off Robbers Courageously is Standing Outside the Bar One Racing Shop

Denis O’Connor Who Fight Off Robbers Courageously is Standing Outside the Bar One Racing Shop

While two robbers were armed with hammers, the third one had a shotgun. In the video, the robbers can be seen breaking into the bar through the main door and threatening the shop manager, Tim Murphy.

Out of the three customers seen in the video, only O’Connor showed the guts to fight off robbers. He can be seen trying to help Tim by fighting off the robbers in the counter area. The counteraction by O’Connor frightened the robbers and made them leave the bar. Both Connor and Murphy tried to hold the thieves but they somehow managed to run out of the bar.

Watch the video and see how Denis O’Connor made the armed robbers run for their lives.

Murphy told about the incident on Cork’s RedFM 104-106 by saying that “They wanted the safe money. They weren’t interested in the 5-euro or 10-euro bills in the till. They were shouting, ‘We want the safe, we want the safe.

On Denis O’Connor’ counter-attack, Murphy said that “I was just being threatened by the two fellas with the hammers, but then Denis tackled one, and I just said I kind of have to tackle this fella now as well.” Murphy also recalled that O’Connor was shouting at the masked robbers – “Ye’re cowards, you’re total cowards.”

Shop Manager, Tim Murphy (Left) and Denis O'Connor

Shop Manager, Tim Murphy (Left) and Denis O’Connor

In an interview with Irish Sun, O’Connor told “Tim the manager is a very nice young man, and I just couldn’t not help him. Sometimes you can just sit down and do nothing or you can stand up to people like these and that’s what I did.”

Well, what Denis O’Connor did is really a commendable effort from him. What do you think of his courageous effort? Would you have also shown the guts to fight off robbers? Let us know your opinions in the comment section below.

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