This 19 Years Old Man Marries To A 72 Years Woman

19 Years Old Man Marries To A 72 Years Woman

They say love has no age boundaries; that’s true when romance bug bites a 19 years guy to fall for a 72 years lady.

When it comes to love, this adorable duo proves that age really is just a number; the 19 years old Gary Hardwick got married to 72 years old Almeda Errel. A perfect example of love can happen at any age and without restrictions.

Maryville is a city and the county seat of Blount County, Tennessee, in the United States. The special mention of its quality of life, this city got the one of its kind marriage between a couple of huge age difference.

This couple got married after the two weeks of their first meeting in a party, where this teenager attracted to this beautiful lady who is  53 years senior to him. Interestingly, they got mutually attracted to each other and love happened.

Love at first sight

Yes, it was love at first sight. I feel that after all these days, I have finally found my soul mate.” Love happens, when it is destinated to happen. This unique and adorable pair started seeing for next two weeks to make it official. Almeda found the neat and classy look of her new love as the most attractive part, while Gary has been lost in the blue eyes of his lady-love. Gary was sure after the weeks of dates that he would propose her and get married.


Just married – the happy couple

Life has been surprising for everyone, so for this duo too. Gary Hardwick proposed his 72 years old love Almeda Errel and they got married. Yes, the love blossom started in their life too. “The secret of a happy marriage is finding the right person”; eventually, they find each other. The strong chemistry between this young man and this seasoned lady is remarkable. Gary has always been fascinated to the woman older than his age, he found Errel at the first sight. She thinks that the young man is perfect to be her partner for rest of her life.

They surprised everyone

At the first place, everyone from their network got surprised at their decision of getting married. They have the age difference of 53 years, though they are fortunate to have a huge support from people close to them. The love between this odd but adorable pair is amazing.

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