This Raccoon Has Become an Internet Sensation after Climbing the Minnesota Skyscraper

A stranded raccoon on the ledge of a building in St. Paul captured the attention of thousands when it made to the top of the Minnesota skyscraper.

On Monday, a raccoon was spotted on Town Square building where it seemed to be lost in a shallow recess of a wall. When the maintenance team came to know about the incident, they tried to help the animal by providing it with a makeshift ladder. However, the animal got scared and rush to the nearby tower where it started its death-defying ascent to the top of the 25-story Minnesota skyscraper.

Raccoon Climbing the 25-Story Tower

On Tuesday afternoon, the local coverage of the Raccoon’s climb trended on Twitter with #mprraccoon. While some showed their support for the little creature, others were concerned that it might not make to the top of the tower. The director of “Guardian of the Galaxy”, James Gunn, even tweeted that he would donate $1000 to help rescue the raccoon from the situation.

Animal control staff did set up traps on the roof of the tower thinking it as the safest option for capturing the animal and bringing it back down to the safety. Moreover, workers even made sure that Windows of the building remains closed.

Till Tuesday evening, the raccoon made the ascent to the 23rd floor and around 02:30 AM, Wednesday, it reached the roof of the tower. One of the Twitterati commented on the frightful journey of the raccoon by tweeting “I made it!

Raccoon Captured in a Live Trap after it Reached the Roof of the Tower

A law firm occupying the top floor of the building revealed that the raccoon was captured in a live trap and will soon be released to safety.

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