Top 10 Cheating Revenge Stories of All The Time

What would you do if you find your partner cheating on you? Beat him? Insult her in public? Or just leave him/her and look for better options? Well, the choice is always up to you as you have been with that bas**rd / a**hole and only you have the rights to decide how to punish him/her. However, if you plan on to do something different than the conventional punishments, well you would surely love these revenge stories of the people who made their cheating partner learn a lesson for life.

best 10 Cheating Revenge Stories

List of Top 10 Cheating Revenge Stories

1.) This Girl Went Public In the Most Despicable Way

Well, just look at the image below and you will know how Linda from Warwickshire took a dig at her womanizing partner.

Linda Nailed The Cheating Revenge Stories by Nailing a Poster Around Warwick Town Centre

This image which first appeared on Facebook got so much praised by people that it was retweeted several times on Twitter.

2.) This Groom Took Revenge on His Cheating Wife Just After a Few Hours of Getting Married

Sean from Donegal, Ireland revealed this revenge story about a groom on The Graham Norton Show by appearing in the famous “red chair” section. Sean shocked everyone including the guest of the show by sharing an incident where a groom took a revenge on his cheating wife on their wedding day. Watch the video below and you will be impressed with the guts of this groom.

3.) This Man Sold Her Cheating Wife’s Stuff on eBay

When this husband came to know about his wife leaving him for her personal trainer, he sold her car and all of her clothes on eBay. The description given by the man for selling the car on eBay was “only selling as my wife has left me” before adding to say “I hate this car nearly as much as I hate my ex who I bought it for”.

The Advertisement Given by the Husband for Selling his Cheating Wife’s Car

4.) This Girl Dumped Her Cheating Ex “On Air”

Watch the image below and you will know how this girl decided to break up with her cheating ex on television.

The Girl Dumped Her Cheating Ex by Visiting in the Stadium to His Ex’s Favorite Teams Play Sport

5.) Never Underestimate The Intelligence of Your Woman

This girl gave almost a heart attack to her cheating partner by doing something so unexpected that you have not thought about it ever.

This Revenge Incident Tells How Much Hatred She Got Because of Her Cheating Partner

6.) Never Mess With a Scorned Woman

This girl was being cheated by his ex, so when she got to know about it, she convinced him to have a couple’s tattoos of each other’s names. Check out what happened.

The Girl Made Her Cheating Ex Learned The Lesson a Hard Way

7.) This Wife Made His Hubby Run for The Money

When this wife came to know about his cheating husband, she gave an epic reply by writing something shocking on the rear glass of her car and driving it in front of him. Check out what she wrote.

Wife Wrote a Shocking Note on Her Car's Rear Glass

8.) Girl Spent $250,000 For A Cheating Revenge

Barack Obama’s economic advisor, Charles Phillips, had an affair with this woman, YaVaughnie Wilkins, for eight years. When Phillips told YaVaughnie that he wants to stay with his wife and leave her, she spent $250,000 on billboards around New York’s Times Square to make their secret relationship public.  This made Charles owe an apology in public and admit his wrongdoing. Check out the image of the billboards below.

This $250,000 Worth Poster Paid The Cheating Ex Pay a Hefty Price

9.) The Wife Gave a Good Taste Of His Own Medicine

This revenge story is of a woman who was in the midst of a divorce with her husband. However, because of their financial reasons, they were still sharing the same house. Although the woman was accommodating enough to allow the husband to bring his new girlfriend into the house, however, she had one condition – No Sex in the house.

Wife Gave a Perfect Reply to Her Husband on Breaking the Code

And when the rule was breached, the woman took a condom, filled it with semen like substance, put it in the trash, and placed the wrapper in her husband’s bed. The next day, when she came back, her husband was crying after finding the wrapper. Even after admitting that it was a prank, her husband didn’t believe and signed for a therapy.

10.) Party Is Over

A guy who was already aware of his girlfriend’s betrayal decided to take revenge in the most unexpected way. When the birthday of his girlfriend was approaching, he was asked by her to go out of the town with his friends as she would be busy working. This appeared to be a perfect chance for the boy to catch his girlfriend red-handed.

It Can Be Really frightening to Get Caught in the “Middle of Things”

For the revenge, he planned a surprise party for her and invited all her friends and family. On the morning of her birthday, he burst into her apartment followed by friends and family, finding her with the other boy doing the deed. Well, you can think how worse it can be to get caught in the “middle of the things”.

What do you have to say about these epic cheating revenge stories? If you have any stories of yours to share, let us know in the comment box below.

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