Top Haunted Hotels in America You MUST Know

Ever want to stay at a creepy hotel?

The hotels are known for better amenities and luxuries to give you best time to relax. When, you hotels are offering the spine-chilling stay; that could be the once in a lifetime experience for you. Why not spend the night at any one of these 13 most haunted hotels in America that are known for their paranormal activities.


Bourbon Orleans Hotel, New Orleans

It has started as a ballroom in 1827, which later has been used as a school, orphanage, convent and medical ward too; after that, it is the grand Bourbon Orleans Hotel. It became the haunted hotel after the yellow fever epidemic. Which eventually took lives of many kids and their spirits are still there to make you afraid. The nuns were also lost their lives and some soldiers too, which are haunting the hotel.  There are many stories of a little girl rolling a ball and chasing it down the corridors of the sixth floor in the hotel. Some have experienced and heard a Confederate soldier on the third and sixth floors, as well as a lonely ghost dancer and a person hiding behind the curtains in the Orleans Ballroom; enough to make you a dose of horror.

Concord’s Colonial Inn, Concord, Massachusetts

The Colonial Inn hotel, Concord in 1716; had today’s Liberty Room served as a hospital during Revolutionary War. The room no. 24 was the operating room and room no. 27 was the morgue. The soldiers must have lost their lives during surgeries. The experience of a newlywed couple was really spine-chilling. The bride shared that “she was woken up in the middle of the night by a presence in the room. She saw a greyish figure about four feet away from the left side of her bed. She then said it floated to the foot of the bed before slowing melting away.”

And, some more experiences as flickering lights and TV sets, whispers in the closet, disappearing objects, and sightings of a tall man in a top hat, some injured soldiers and a middle-aged woman have been documented too.


Crescent Hotel & Spa, Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Crescent Hotel is the hotel where is a famous saying that “Guests have checked out, but never really left.” This property was built with the help of Irish stonemason named Michael, who died in 1885. His spirit is one of the ghosts has been experienced by guests. Another is a cancer patient named Theodora from the late 1930s who can’t find her room key has been roaming around. And, this woman wearing Victorian lingerie who stands at the foot of the bed in Room 3500 watching guests sleep is also there to make you feel it.


Deetjen’s Big Sur Inn, California

The Grandpa Deetjen built this hotel in the early 1930s as the calm place near California’s stunning Big Sur coast. Some guests have experienced the sound of footsteps and the door shut though no one was there. Not just this property, then nearby Point Sur Lighthouse is also known to be haunted, by seamen and sailors.


Emily Morgan Hotel, San Antonio

Emily Morgan Hotel is one of the most haunted hotels and unofficially has been ranked as the 3rd most haunted in the world. The 7th, 12th, 14th floors and basement of the hotel believed to be the most haunted space in the hotel. Previously has been served as a psych ward, surgery centre and morgue; these floors have so many haunted stories around. The 12th floor of Morgan Hotel has experienced by guest, they have seen bathroom doors opening and shutting and lights flashing, and heard the sound of trickling water. And, the 14th floor has given guests a reason to believe they are going insane, as they have reportedly seen a hospital waiting area upon opening the doors to the hallway, only to have the scene disappear when they open the door again.


Hawthorne Hotel, Salem, Massachusetts

To experience the witching hour of the spirits who live in Hawthorne Hotel, simply book the Room 325 or Room 621. These two rooms have been reported the most number of incidences of supernatural activities. Frank Poor opened this hotel in the year 1925 for the business traveller, but later it became famous for ghosts. The noise of a baby crying, the bathroom faucet turning on and off, and felt someone pulling blankets off the bed is the common occurrence in the Room no. 325. In Room 621, there have been reports of a young woman in a long white dress standing outside the door and roaming the hallway to give you horror for life. Some guests have experience ice cold hands touch their shoulders and tug on their hair while sleeping in the room.


Hotel Chelsea, St, New York

The Chelsea hotel is the best place to spot ghosts. In the year 1953, a guest named Dylan Thomas has been passed due to pneumonia while staying in the hotel has been reportedly seen around. And, Sid Vivious girlfriend, who was stabbed to death here in the year 1978 has also been seen by many guests.


Lord Baltimore Hotel, St, Baltimore

This 289 feet tall and 22 story French Renaissance is known for its stories of ghosts and paranormal activities. In the year 1928, a young girl Molly and her parents have allegedly jumped to death after a party from the 19th Floor of this hotel. Many guests have found her on the 19th Floor playing with a red ball and the couple has been spotted frequently dancing in the ballroom. There have been some more similar experiences as televisions turning on and off, remotes disappearing and an elevator making trips to the 19th floor even though no buttons have been pushed by any guest in the lift.


Logan Inn, Pennsylvania

This Logan Inn opened in the year 1722, the hotel and its ghost are legendary compare to others. The Emily’s room or Room no. 6 is your target to experience the spirit of the mother of a former owner of the building. Her lavender perfume and soft crying at night will make you sleepless for nights.


Moana Surfrider, Honolulu

Moana Surfrider hotel has the spirit of the co-founder of Stanford University. Jane Stanford died in her room of strychnine poisoning. Later, she refused to leave after death and roaming in the hotel. She has been spotted wearing a white dressing gown, while walking down hallways searching for her room.


Omni Parker House, Boston

This Omni Parker Hotel introduced by Harvey Parker in 1855, which later became one of the most haunted hotels. He passed in the year 1884, since guests reported his presence in the hotel. In fact, some guests have been asked about their stay in the hotel by Parker. If you are visiting this hotel first time, then be prepared for the third floor which has the main hub for paranormal happenings at the hotel, but a bearded gentleman has also been sighted on the 9th and 10th floors. Some guests have also recounted seeing orbs of light down the hallways on the 10th floor in the night.


The Stanley Hotel, Estes Park, Colorado

The Stanley Hotel has been reported many paranormal activities in it. In fact, some of them have been documented. The Stephen King’s famous 217 suite, as well as Rooms 401, 407, 428 and 1302,  are the hunted rooms of the hotel, where paranormal activities have been experienced. If you are game for ghost-host, then you can ask the hotel officials. And, don’t forget to carry a camera, flashlight and cell phone too; might be you need it.


The Myrtles Plantation, Voodoo land

The hotel is located in the centre of Louisiana’s Voodoo land is believed to be one of America’s most haunted houses. Guests have experienced more than 12 ghosts in the house, enough to make it the haunted house. The most famous ghost is a former slave wearing a green turban named Chloe roaming around.

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