Watch Trump and His Awkward Hand-Holding Attempts with His Wife Melania

Melania Trump STILL doesnt wanna hold hand

While some couples express their love and togetherness by hugging and kissing, there are some couples like Barack and Michelle Obama who haven’t hesitated to go for fist-bump and high-five publicly. However, one of the most popular pairs in the world, Donald Trump, and wife Melania, have become infamous for their awkward handshakes and hand-holding gesture in formal public appearances.  Not once, not twice, the formal appearance of the first couple of USA seems to be an all-time affair. And it’s not just with his wife but a lot of renowned personalities with whom the US President shakes hand in his own style.

Don’t believe our words? Check out the video below.

In this video, you will find not just one or two, but numerous instances where Trump is seen with his gauche handshakes. In the first instance, you will find Trump reaching for Melania’s hand where the latter doesn’t seem to be interesting in holding it.  The second and third footage is from Italy and Israel respectively where Melania is again seen avoiding Trump’s hand in her own usual-cool.

While Trump could be seen neglected by his wife in these shots, the other personalities such as French President Emmanuel Macron could be seen sharing the awkward moment a couple of times with Mr. President. And not just with Emmanuel Macron, but his wife as well, you will find Trump giving a taste of his unusual greeting gesture. However, beating all these instances, the real Trumpshake seems to be born was by the Japanese president Shinzo Abe. The handshake was so unsettling for Japanese president that he was unable to hide his expression in front of the cams. Well, this video can serve as an advice for others to be prepared for the bizarre handshake and also the “Handpat”.

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