Uber is Better Car in These Cities “Uber Cost Estimate”

Mary Meeker from the investment firm Kleiner Perkins Caulfield Byers has issued her annual internet trends report of 2018. The report includes everything from how people are shopping on the internet to which is city is going to be the next big tech hub. One of the highlights of the report was this interesting topic- Where you’re better off using a ride-sharing service.

is Uber Better then own car

Car Pool or Hire Service Vs Owning a Car

As per the Meeker’s report, in four out of five major cities in the US, hiring an Uber is cheaper than owning a car. While the cities such as New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Washington DC are cheaper if you take Uber instead of owning a car, Dallas is the only city in top five where owning a car is cheaper than using cab service.

Weekly Commute Cost of UberX or Pool Vs Personal Car

Graphical Representation of Weekly Commute Cost of UberX or Pool Vs Personal Car

Moreover, in the report, Meeker shared her experience of ride-sharing service as for how cheaper it is for her to commute from her residence in San Francisco. She revealed that she hardly spent over $150 a month as she prefers to take Lyft service mostly. Spending $150 a month for commute where just the car parking charges cost only comes to $350 a month, Meeker is saving a lot more than just the difference considering Car loan and insurance cost. And even if she ever need to drive, she has Zipcar at her disposal.

Well, considering the report with her practical experience, one will agree with Meeker for her smart move. If you are living in one of the above-mentioned cities and wondering how to improve your saving, well, the simple plan is right here.

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