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Undoubtedly Instagram has become a striking social media platform among the public worldwide, however, there are some features that frustrate users considerably. One of the features that can be quite annoying (if your account is public) is the unavailability of the option to control and manage as to who can view your feed and who can’t. But need not worry as the Instagram’s new feature is in the process to help public users overcome the problem.

Till the time the Instagram’s new feature doesn’t get introduced in the app, public users will need to rely on the blocking feature to prevent unwanted users from viewing their account. While Instagram does provide a blocking feature to the public users, however, it is easy for anyone to get around it.

Instagram new features

(Public Users Face a Lot of Trouble Because of Unwanted Instagram Followers)


On the other hand, where private users have the option to remove followers from their list, public users are still waiting for such a tool to get rid of unwanted followers and visitors to their account. Well, after the latest announcement, public users can have a sigh of relief as the new Instagram feature is in the trial phase. Once the Instagram’s new feature will be made available to the public users, they will be able to manually remove followers from their list.

Instagram new feature let you remove followers

(Removing a Follower in a Private Instagram Account)

With the latest updates, it seems Instagram is really trying to expand its customer base by introducing more user essential tools in its platform. Earlier in May, Instagram introduced a “Mutefeature which allows users to stop receiving notifications of posts and stories from a follower without unfollowing or blocking him/her.  And now, with this new Instagram feature, it is evident that Instagram has started sorting its platform to make it more user-friendly and secure for users.

Instagram latest feature let you mute story

(Mute Feature in Instagram Was Introduced in May 2018)

It’s just a matter of time when the Instagram’s new feature is made available to the users. It won’t be a surprise if in a couple of months; Instagram introduces additional editing features for the comment section.

What do you have to say about the Instagram’s upcoming feature? Let us know your views in the comment section below.

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