World Of Dance is Back With A Bang!

Fans of “World of Dance” will be happy to know that TV’s hottest Dance Competition is back and this time it seems to be even fiercer.

Jennifer Lopez, Derek Hough, Ne-Yo and Jenna Dewan have returned to NBC for the second season of “World of Dance” which shook the whole world last year. This year’s first performance was given by an Indian group “Desi Hoppers”. The group won the best dance group competition in the country and consider themselves as the “One Direction” of India. The group gave an incredible performance, adding stars to the start of the show. The group performed on the Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of you” remixed with Indian drum beats. Seeing the performance Jennifer Lopez exclaimed, “What a way to start season 2”. For the performance, Desi Hoppers were given a score of 96, Ne-Yo’s 98 being the highest.

The next performance was from the two-junior level dancers Sean and Kaycee who blew everyone away with their blindfolded performance. The performance was completely synchronized even after being not able to see. Sean and Kaycee performed an emotional dancing on “Silence” by Marshmello ft. Khalid. Seeing the performance, J.Lo couldn’t control her tears when telling them “The idea of not being able to see in a relationship, but being so close to somebody, then taking that off and allowing them in,” Jennifer said through emotions, “It was very beautiful.” Judges gave the duo a 96 overall.

The third performance was made by S-Rank who wowed the judges with their fun and perfectly choreographed hip-hop dance. J.Lo recognized the leader of the group who was from the first season. He told the judges “I was here for the last year and I wanted to make a dream team, and here we are. S-Rank means superior!”. S-Rank scored an overall 91 and got entry to the Duel rounds.

The next four performances were made by Jaxon Willard from Utah, Flip group, Hilty and Bosh, and Karen y Ricardo who scored 94, 82.7, 80, and 99 respectively.

The premiere of “World of Dance” season 2 has raised the expectation of the viewers. To know who wins the title for this year, make sure to tune in every Tuesday night for World of Dance at 10 PM ET on NBC.


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