Worlds Ugliest Dog Contest Winner Dies At 9

Zsa Zsa, who won the title of “world’s ugliest dog” a couple of weeks ago died. The English Bulldog was 9 years old and belonged to Megan Brainard.

Megan Brainard's (Center) Reaction When Zsa Zsa Won the World's Ugliest Dog Award

Megan Brainard’s (Center) Reaction When Zsa Zsa Won the World’s Ugliest Dog Award

Named after the famed actor Zsa Zsa Gabor, the 9-year old bulldog was awarded the title at the annual contest a few weeks ago. Zsa Zsa got competition from thirteen other dogs in the contest. The owner of Zsa Zsa, Megan Brainard revealed the news of her passing. She said that the dog died in her sleep. The average life expectancy of English Bulldogs is said to be only eight to ten years.

Megan Brainard with Zsa Zsa

Megan Brainard with Zsa Zsa

In her interview, Brainard said that she is “still in shock … It’s kind of like when she won (the World’s Ugliest Dog contest). It’s been two weeks and I still don’t believe it. It’s probably going to be the same with her passing.” Brainard praised Zsa Zsa by saying that even after her unusual appearance; she was really an adorable pet and traveling with her made Brainard feel like she is accompanied by a celebrity.

Facebook Page of the “World’s Ugliest Dog”

The “World’s ugliest dog” even had her own Facebook page and this is where the news was first announced. The owner of the Twitter account “@IvePetThatDog” who was due to meet and pet Zsa Zsa, also posted the sad news about Zsa Zsa passing away.

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